Story Map Little Red Riding Hood

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Story Map

Little Red Riding Hood

  • Written by Josh Duhamel in 1976. He lived in New York City.


  • Little Red Riding Hood- She was young, lived with mother. Visited grandmother. Met the wolf in the forest.

  • Grandmother- She was Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. She was old, lived alone, and liked cookies.

  • Wolf- He lived in the forest, was dangerous, and violent. He ate the grandmother and wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood.


  • This story was set in New Hampshire in the middle of a forest. The house was small, had a bedroom and a closet. There were windows in that bedroom.

  • It was cold and rainy because the girl had to wear a hood. She was also scared because it was night time in the forest.


  • Little Red Riding Hood left her house to visit her grandmother. On her way, she met a big, bad wolf in the forest. She continued walking and reached the house. Once she was there, she knew something was different. She then saw the wolf was dressed as the grandmother. He told her had eaten her granma and now she was scared because she thought he would eat her, too. In the end, neighbors come and help her.


  • I enjoyed this story because it has a good lesson. I learned not to walk alone at night because bad things can happen. I also like her name and I think the wolf is a funny character.

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