Sue and Geoff in a shop. A work b study c run d runs

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  1. Sue and Geoff____in a shop.

A) work B) study C) run D) runs

  1. This kind of shop_____a milk bar.

A) is called B) called C) is calling D) is being called

  1. Most days the shop_____at 10.00 p.m.

A) sells B) opened C) closes D) run

  1. They____camping any more.

A) go B) doesn't go C) don't go D) have gone

  1. Ursula____four brothers and sisters.

A) have B) has C) haven't D) having

  1. It____her fifteen minutes_____to school.

A) took / go B) has taken / walk C) takes / walk D) takes / to walk

  1. She____school at 7:45 a.m.

A) go B) begin C) starts D) goes

  1. I____lunch in the university canteen.

A) eats B) have C) drink D) has

  1. I____extra money teaching computer studies.

A) earn B) earns C) win D) buy

  1. I____the traffic in Bangkok.

A) play B) have C) hate D) has
11. _____three languages: French, Spanish, and English.

A) I'm speak B) I'm speaking

C) I speaking D) I speak

12. Where_____from?

A) Hans come B) does Hans come C) does Hans coming D) Hans came

13. What_____tonight?

A) do you do B) you do C) are you doing D) did you do

14. "Where is George" "He_____a shower."

A) has B) will have C) is having D) have

15. "What_____?"

"I don't know. Look it up."

A) does this word mean B) means this word C) does mean this word D) is meaning this word

16. "Do you want a cigarette?" "No, thanks. I_____."

A) no smoke B) smoke not C) am not smoking D) don't smoke

17. Last year I_____to America.

A) was go B) go C) was going D) went

18. How long_____in America?

A) you stay B) did you stay C) stayed you D) you staying

19. The weekend was boring. I_____anything.

A) don't do B) no do C) didn't do D) wasn't doing

20. "I'm going to university next year" "What_____study?"

A) you going to B) do you C) did you D) are you going to

Enrique__(2I)__in Puebla, a town in Mexico. He__(22)__medicine

because he__(23)__to be a doctor. He's married, but he__(24)__

any children. His wife, Silvia,__(25)__in a prirnary school. Enrique

__(26)__cooking. He can make an excellent enchiladal

21. A) lived B) lives C) was living D) live

22. A) studied B) was studying C) is studying D) doesn't study

23. A) is wanting B) was wanting C) will want D) wants

24. A) has B) have C) doesn't have D) is going to have

25. A) was teaching B) teaches C) teach D) thought

26. A) loved B) used to love C) loves D) love
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