What kind of story is the Wife of Bath's tale?

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What kind of story is the Wife of Bath's tale?
The Wife of Bath's Tale is a romance as it features a couple that falls in love, however unconventionally. However, the Wife of Bath is part of the frame story of "The Canterbury Tales" as it is a story within the larger story of the travelers pilgrimage.
What does the Wife of Bath's tale say about her?

The Wife of Bath's tale tells the readers that she is a strong woman who does not feel the need to fit the typical mold of the female at her time. She believe that if women have control, everyone will be happier in the end.

What does the Wife of Bath represent?
The Wife of Bath represents feminism and the belief that women should be given power and control. She also represents the idea that women do not need to conform to the norms of the time and can enjoy their own sexuality.
How does Chaucer characterize the Wife of Bath?

Chaucer characterizes the Wife of Bath as a woman who was clearly once beautiful but whose beauty is fading. He tells most about her personality and her history with men. He paints the picture of a strong woman who enjoys sex, love, and power and who is not burdened by traditional gender roles.

What happened in the Wife of

Bath's tale?

In the Wife of Bath's Tale, a knight sets out on a quest to find out what women want in order to prevent his own execution. He meets an old woman who gives him the answer - women desire control over their husbands. Because she gave him the answer, he must marry her. She gives him the choice to have her be a beautiful and unfaithful wife or an old but faithful wife. The knight gives her control and tells her to choose what she think is best. Because he gave her the answer she wanted, she transforms herself into a beautiful and faithful wife and the two have a long and happy marriage.
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