The battle of Long Island By: Michael Angel

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The battle of Long Island

  • By: Michael

  • Angel

  • Eric

Key people

General Von Heister

  • Lead a troop of 20,000 British troops into the battle of long island.

Dates of battle July 3 1776

  • British troops landed on Staten island. Over a period of six weeks, British troop strength was increased so that it’s number over 32,000by the end of August. Mean while, general Washington was preparing his men as well as he could under the circumstances.

August 22

  • General Howe, the British commander, began transporting troops across the bay from Staten island to long island. Washington decided to defend Brooklyn heights by digging in around Brooklyn village. Washington fortified the heights of Guan, a range of hills 100 to 150 feet in height and covered by heavy brush and woods. The heights were broken by four passes.

August 26

  • Howe’s troops quietly made their way to the Jamaica pass and seized the five American guards there. The British advanced behind American lines undetected until they reached the settlement of Bedford, where they opened fire.

August 30

  • Washington successfully withdrew his troops across the East River to Manhattan. Washington turned his attention to rebuilding his army.

September 13

  • Howe began to move his army across the east river to Kips bay, there he hoped to cut Washington off. The landing was successful, and met only limited opposition.

October 12

October 28

  • The British troops captured chatter tons hill, to the right of American lines. Washington soon withdrew to new Castle, and Howe did not follow

Map of The battle of long island

Result of the battle of long island

  • We lost

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