The borough of east prospect

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28 W. Maple Street 

P.O. Box 334 

East Prospect, PA 17317 

Telephone (717) 252-0177 


East Prospect Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2016 


Hello East Prospect!  The Newsletter will highlight activities, opportunities, and news of our great town.   


East Prospect Memorial Day Parade  

Sunday May 29, 2016 is our annual Memorial Day Parade.  It will start at Canadochly Elementary School proceed 

north on South Main street, make a left on Lemon Avenue, right on West Maple Street, Left on to North Main street, 

finishing at the Cemetery.  There will be a short program at the square honoring our Veterans and current soldiers in the 

military.  After the ceremony, there will be activities at the Town Square.  This is a great time to get to know your 

neighbors and enjoys some wholesome family fun.  Please consider donating to the Memorial Day Parade. 

*The road mentioned above for the parade route will be closed during the parade.  Fire Police will help to direct 

traffic.  North Main Street from the square to the cemetery will also be closed during the Community Social.  The 

alternate route is Princess Avenue, which runs directly parallel to that section of North Main Street.  Fire Police will help 





There will be a carnival at the East Prospect Baseball field from 3 pm to 9 pm on June 11th.  There will be food, 

games, entertainment and fireworks.  The Blue Rock Connection will be paying from 5pm to 9 pm.  This will be a fun day 

for the whole family.  Invite your friends and neighbors to uniquely East Prospect Event.  There is a flyer attached with 

more information. 



The Borough will be putting flags around town again this year.  We would encourage you to bring out your 

patriotic decorations as we prepare to remember our veterans. 


East Prospect Yard Sale 

Saturday May 28, 2016 is our annual community Yard Sale.  The Borough will be advertising this in the 

Merchandiser, York Daily Record, York Dispatch, Sunday News, and Weekly Reader.  No Permits are required for yard 

sales on this date.  All members of the town are encouraged to participate.  Now is the time to start preparing, and make 

this our biggest yard sale ever!  


Walking Path  

The walking path has been a great addition to our town.  I have seen many of you enjoying some of these nice 

spring days.  Please note there are signs posted around the walking path detailing items that are prohibited on the walking 

path.  We will have a ribbon cutting / dedication at the Carnival on June 11th 


Basketball Court 

A fence has been recently installed around the basketball court.  This will help to keep basketballs inside the court 

and the players safe. 


Grass Clippings  

It has been reported that individual are blowing the grass clippings onto the road.  This is a direct violation of the 

Stormwater Management Ordinance.  Any individuals who blow grass clippings on the road will be issued citations, and 

mandated to clean the debris from the street.  


Mailbox Repair 

If your mailbox is leaning forward, hanging over the street, it is in need of repair.  Please take this time repair / 

replace any damage mailboxes. 




Sidewalk Cleaning  

All property owners are responsible for the sidewalk in front of their property.  Please make sure to clean out any 

weeds or debris on the sidewalk.                                        


Christmas Lighting Contest Winners 

Best in Show - 26 South Main Street 

Honorable Mention - 11 Christine Drive 

Honorable Mention - 9 Christine Drive 

Spirit of Christmas - 115 Hedgewick 

Griswald - 3 Vickie Lee 


Vandalism & Destruction of Property 

We have received reports that there are groups of kids vandalizing and damaging personal property.  If you see 

these individuals, please report them to the Police.  There have also been reports of kids darting across the streets in bikes.  

Lets work together for the safety of all involved and work to have the kids ride their bikes in appropriate areas.  If you are 

a parent of one of the individuals causing the damage, be aware that you will be receiving the citations for their actions 

and I encourage you to speak with the children now before there are any more instances. 


Zoning  Questions 

Sande Cunningham  is our Zoning Officer.  To contact Sande with a zoning concern email her at

 or call the borough office at (717) 252-0177.    


Grass Ordinance 

No person, firm, partnership, corporation or other entity owning or having an interest in any real estate with the 

East Prospect Borough shall permit any grass that is not edible nor planted for some useful or ornamental purpose to grow 

or remain on such premises, including any portion of the premises occupied by a street or alley, so as to exceed a height of 

3 inches.  Where weeds or other vegetation are concerned, the height of such weeds and other vegetation shall be 

restricted to a height of 6 inches except where such weeds or vegetation are not edible or are not planted for some useful 

or ornamental purpose. 


Spring Cleaning 

It that time of year when the weather breaks and we can all do a little spring cleaning.  Take this opportunity to 

clean up any trash or wood piles in your yard.  Animals like skunks, possums, and rodents love to make homes in those 

piles.  The Borough will be enforcing the junk ordinances and recommend you clean up any problem areas right away.  




East Prospect is helping to make the earth a greener place with our digital only newsletter.  If you would like the 

newsletter emailed to you send an email to

 with a subject of newsletter and you will be added to 

the list.  The newsletter is also available online at

  along with other news about our town.  A limited 

number of printed copies will be made available at the borough office and the East Prospect post office. 


May God Bless America and your Family, 

Mayor Daniel H Garner 

**Have an event you would like listed or comments about the newsletter, email us at





A special Thank you for East Prospect Borough’s Christmas in 

East Prospect.


Christmas in East Prospect Committee: Donald Barshinger, Mindy Barshinger, Blaine Garner, Dan 

Garner, Lindy Holzer,  and Mick Regal – This group setup and planned today’s event! 

East Prospect Borough Council – Donald Barshinger, Victor Dodson, Blaine Garner, Daniel Garner, 

Ed Peashay, and Mick Regal  - ( They  funded the event, allowed usage of the Community Hall, 

heavily volunteered at the event, gave gift bags to all the kids, and advertised the event.) 

Zion United Methodist Church of East Prospect – They helped us to keep Jesus, the true meaning of 

Christmas, in mind.  They setup multiple activities and areas. 

Winter’s Automotive – They setup a great display and had presents for the kids 

Becky’s Kitchen – They donated the tasty cookies. 

East Prospect Fire Company – They gave out fire truck tours and rides, presents for the kids and 

helped out all day making the day special. 

Mick Regal – Donated the Oranges and some of the decorations 

Daniel Garner – Santa’s big helper 




























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