The ministry of public education of the republic of uzbekistan class: 4-a theme: Sports Day

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Ochiq dars sports day
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Class: 4-A

Theme: Sports Day


Dekhkanbayev Farkhod.

School № 23

PISKENT district
Date 24.02.2020-year

Unit 10

Lesson 3 Sports Day



- to learn how to say the parts of the head


- to enable pupils to understand commands;

- to enable pupils to speak about the parts of the head and colours


- to raise awareness of the commands;

- raise awareness of the pronunciation of the sounds [] and [].

Learning outcomes By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

- understand the commands and show the parts of the head;

- pronounce the sounds [] and [].

Materials and equipments: Textbook, the DVD of the book.

Type of the lesson: Lessons of communication of new knowledge; Lessons of fixation of knowledge and of developing skills and abilities; Lessons of verification and control of knowledge; Lessons of systematization and revision of knowledge; Combined (mixed) lessons; Excursion lessons; Practical lessons.

Methodology of the lesson: Traditional, non-traditional, modern, interactive

Procedure of the lesson: Greeting. Working with pupils on duty. 5min

Checking for homework and revision of the previous lesson: Revision of the words. Pupils remember the words from the past lesson. Checking homework. Marking pupils for their homework.

Unit 10
Lesson 3 Sports Day

Activity 1 Listen and repeat. 5-min

Objective: to help pupils understand the meaning and pronounce the poem

Ask the pupils to listen to the poem. Then with the help of the pupils translate it. After that, you can work on the pronunciation of the lines of the poem.


I like playing football

I like playing tennis.

Activity 2 a Look, listen and say. 10-min

Objectives: to introduce new words;

Vocabulary and structure

to practise the pronunciation of the sounds [] and []

STEP 1: Ask the pupils what they will talk about now. After eliciting some answers, say openly that they will speak what`s this ? (a bike) say I have a bike

Activity 2 b Look, listen and say 10 min.

Objective: to recycle the sports and time

The pupils work in pairs. Pupil A says a sport, Pupil B says the time. e.g. A: Handball. B: Handball is at 11.15. Activity 3a Read and match. 5 min

Objectives: to develop reading for gist; to revise the vocabulary learnt in Lessons 1-2

The pupils read and match the texts and the pictures.

Answer key: 1a, 2b, 3c, 4 d Activity 3b Work in pairs. Listen and guess. 5 min Objective: to revise the vocabulary learnt in Lessons 1-2

The pupils work in pairs. Pupil A describes a person, Pupil B must guess. e.g. A: She likes horse riding. B: Her name’s Jill.

Post-activity. Activity 3c Read and complete the table. 7 min Objective: to raise awareness of team and individual games

Ask the pupils to complete the table for team and individual games.

Answer key:

Team games: basketball, football, volleyball, handball Individual games: tennis, biking, chess, horse riding, swimming

Additional information: Review of the lesson, doing exercises, listening to audio files, watching video lessons, movies, reading books, magazines, answering questions.

Assessment: Marking pupils according to their homework and activities during the lesson

Hometask: Explain to the pupils that at home they should draw the missing parts of the robot’s head on the right hand page. Ask them to remember how the parts of the head are called in English while painting the robot.
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