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U.SAODAT, 1-mavzu. Работа с файлами и документами, Vocabulary, 2 5199537075539412278, «Informatika va axborotlar tеxnoligiyasi» fanining o`qitilish ma, kurs ishi, kurs ishi, kurs ishi, bolalarda kon sistemasi va kon ishlab chikarishning anatomo-fiziologik xususiyatlari. kon sistemasi va kon ishlab chikarish organlarini asosij kasalliklari semiotikasi., 02 Guliston kun tartibi, 2 5336786414795228619, 11. XI. ТАШҚИ ИҚТИСОДИЙ ФАОЛИЯТ, 1. I. ЯЛПИ ҲУДУДИЙ МАҲСУЛОТ, 11. XI. ТАШҚИ ИҚТИСОДИЙ ФАОЛИЯТ, Kirishga

Lesson 1. Intruduction to the course.


Writing topic: Intruduction to the course.

Time – 80 minutes

Number of participants: 15

Lesson type


Outline of the lesson

1. Lead in activity

2.Introducing course syllabus through questioning
3. Summarizing

Aim of the lesson: to introduce the new theme; to raise awareness of the topic.

Participants will Raise their awareness of the topic
Be familiarized about the topic

By the end of the course Participants will
 Aware about new course.
 Be able to write research, to do tasks

Teaching model

concept attainment; cooperative learning; direct instruction; presentation;

Interaction pattern

Plenary; pair and group works

Used materials and equipments

Handouts; course syllabus; board and markers of different colors

Teaching conditions

Teaching room should include white board and separated to 4 faced sittings suited for group works.


Ongoing assessment; participation

Academic writing is the formal writing style used in colleges and universities. It’s what students are expected to produce for classes and what professors and academic researchers use to write scholarly materials. High schools sometimes require academic writing style in certain classes.
Types of academic writing.

  • abstract

  • annotated bibliography

  • academic journal article

  • book report

  • conference paper

  • dissertation

  • essay

  • explication

  • literary criticism

  • research paper

  • research proposal

  • textbook

  • thesis

While specific requirements may vary based on the particular form of academic writing or the class or publication for which a work is produced, some characteristics are common to all academic writing.

  • formal tone - A formal tone is always used in academic writing. It is not lighthearted or conversational in tone. Slang and clichés do not belong in this type of writing.

  • precise language - In keeping with the formal tone, it’s important to choose precise language that very clearly conveys the author’s meaning.

  • point-of-view (POV) - Academic writing is usually written in third person POV because its focus is to educate on the facts rather than to support an opinion or give advice.

  • research focus - Because most academic writing involves reporting research results, it tends to focus on the specific research question(s) being studied.

  • organization - Academic writing should be organized logically in a linear, matter-of-fact fashion. Use headings to delineate each major section.

  • source citations - Most academic writing includes at least some secondary research sources. Be sure to properly cite all sources and include a bibliography.

Of course, individual assignments may sometimes have different requirements. Always review submission guidelines carefully to verify you are following the proper format and style.

Structure of Academic writing.

Hometask: to write opininion essay on theme “ Should there be no homework?” 200-250words.
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