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From a pandemic to plastic surgery: how Covid changed the way we see our faces.
The epidemic era, which brought about significant changes to our lives and had an impact on most people's looks, is discussed in this article. This article highlights a range of plastic surgery patients and offers some understanding of their goals. Fillers, Botox, etc. are used to remodel the face. Jane, for instance, plans to get plastic surgery once again the following year. Several people have attempted to concentrate on their physical defects throughout the pandemic. The workload and instructional information available online during the Covid shutdown are the key factors causing an increase in these activities.
Lost in translation? The one-ich truth about? Netflix’s subtitle problem
This article details the Netflix subtitles that were misplaced during the subtitles of the South Korean film "Squid Game." There are nevertheless episodes in the series without subtitles, which is another significant issue. And even Youngmi Mayer, a co-host of the Feeling Asian podcast located in New York, says, “If you don’t understand Korean, you didn’t watch the same show,” which strongly suggests the major meaning of the subtitles is not demonstrated. The article also distinguishes between subtitles, closed captions, and dubbing.
Flying machine’
This article was about a newly discovered flying machine by an inventor and the cruel Emperor. The Emperor's servant noticed the innovation appearing from above and informed the Emperor, who was surprised but did not support it. The Emperor directed guards to the inventor’s arrested. As this inventor is unsure why he created the device. The Emperor was shown a wonderful instrument made of metal and precious stones. The Emperor explained why he had built his equipment. The emperor immediately ordered him to cut off his head, burn the bodies of the device and the inventor, and bury the ashes together.

In the first article, there are some statistics about the pandemic. We all know that during this period, our environment undergoes many changes daily. For example, there are very few examples in the first article. Also, during a pandemic, in schools, universities, etc. In addition to working at the workplace, etc. Go from offline to online. Some rules with many conditions to prevent the spread of the pandemic during confinement. The second article is about translation. In my opinion, translation is useful for some people who do not understand foreign languages. But a subtitled movie has to be subtitled correctly. If the translation changes, it can affect the lifestyle. The last article was given a story. The emperor murdered an innocent inventor out of fear beyond my comprehension. If the inventor hadn't been killed, he might have been more famous with his device than the Emperor.
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