What year did the Vikings begin invading Angli-land

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What year did the Vikings begin invading Angli-land


Claudius adds Britannia to the Roman Empire


Christians arrive to convert the Anglo Saxons


This year marks the beginning of the Old English period


Caesar sends surveyors to the island of Britannia


Which of the following languages is Germanic in origin?
a) Latin
b) Dutch
c) Italian
d) Portuguese


Which of the following is a result of the Viking invasion of England?

a) the addition of "sk" words to the English vocabulary
b) the addition of third person personal pronouns to the English language
c) the destruction of Christian churches, schools and monasteries
d) all of the above


Which of the following words is most likely of Anglo-Saxon origin?

a) celebration
b) notorious
c) brother
d) all of the above


Which of the following did not occur after the Roman withdrawal of troops due to the fall of the Roman Empire?

a) the angles, the saxons, and jutes came to the assistance of the celts
b) the picts and scots attacked the celts
c) germanic tribes forced the celts to flee their homes
d) the celts stopped speaking Latin


What was the celtic name for the island now known as England?

a) wessex
b) britannia
c) danelaw
d) angli-land


Which of the following occurred due to the Roman conquest of Celtic England

a) romans and celts went to war
b) latin became the official language of the celts
c) the celts were converted to Christianity
d) romans and celts intermarried


Which of the following words is most likely latin in origin?

a) food
b) horse
c) sanctuary
d) all of the above


From the anglo-saxon language, we get words that attain to all except which of the following?

a) astronomy
b) family
c) home
d) farming


This man is known as the "Savior of the English language"

a) emperor claudius
b) pope gregory
c) king alfred
d) venerable bede


What portion of the modern languages share a parent language with English?

a) one half
b) one third
c) two thirds
d) one fourth


Which of the following subjects did the Anglo-Saxons learn from the monks?

a) astronomy
b) math
c) medicine
d) all of the above


This figure arranged for the conversion of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons to Christianity

a) pope gregory
b) emperor claudius
c) venerable bede
d) alfred the great


What was the title of the first history of the English people converting 500-700AD?

a) the anglo saxon chronicle
b) the ecclesiastical history of english
c) the wessex historical chronicles
d) beowulf


who is known as "the father of English history"

Venerable Bede

the faction of monks is known as the_____ monks are responsible for building churches, schools, and monasteries while conversion England to Christianity


What is the title of the first epic poem written in Old English?


what language is considered the parent of all romance and germanic languages?

Indo- European

what was alfreds kingdom called?


the angles and saxons came to England from areas located in present day________ and the Netherlands


name two of the seven major word pattern or grammatical developments of the English language that occurred during the old english period

inflectional endings, pronouns, prepositions, compound words, increased vocal of common man, gradual substation of roman alphabet for crude germanic runes, new patterns of word formation (prefix,suffix,etc)

Who contributed at least 2,000 words to the language during the Modern English Period?


The year Elizabeth became queen of England


first to mention the legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in an Anglo text


made the middle english vernacular acceptable in literature


the year the Vikings began invading the island now known as England


retook Wessex from the invading Vikings

Alfred the Great

the year Harold Godwinson was defeated at the Battle of Hastings


this year marks the beginning of the Old English period


sent monks to Christianize the island of Angli-land

Gregory the Great

the year the printing press was first used in England


the publication year of the first American dictionary


Roman who sent troops to survey England but did not conquer

Julius Caesar

Who is the Author of The Canterbury Tales

a) Shakespeare
b) Wace
c) Bede
d) Chaucer


which of the following languages is Germanic in origin

a) italian
b) spanish
c) flemish
d) french


What language most influence our vocabulary associated with government?

a) french
b) celtic
c) viking
d) german


Which of the following developments comes from the Viking language?

a) abstract words
b) the plural ending "-s"
c) personal pronouns
d) all of the above


An anglo norman text that appears in the Middle English period from the poet Wace

a) the Canterbury Tales
b) Roman de Brut
c) Beowulf
d) the anglo-saxon chronicles


what language is the origin of simple vocab that we learn as children, including words like water, mother, food?

a) latin
b) anglo-saxon
c) french
d) celtic


which of the following occurred during the Late Modern period?

a) the first American dictionary
b) the Louisiana Purchase
c) the atom bomb
d) all of the above


when did biological gender replace grammatical gender in the English language?

a) the old english period
b) the middle english period
c) the early modern period
d) the late modern period


How did Bede earn the name "the father of English history"

a) he wrote the first history of the English people from 500-700 AD
b) he commissioned the writing of the anglo saxon chronicle
c) he is the author of the anglo saxon chronicle
d) he was the first monk to teach history after the Christian conversion


Which of the following is not a result of the Christian invasion

a) the anglo-saxons learned math and astronomy
b) the celts were driven into wales and scotland
c) the anglo-saxons gave up their Pagan religion
d) foreign words like camel and oyster were added to the vocabulary


What language influenced the change in the Germanic plural ending (-en) to the more common plural ending of -s?

a) viking
b) anglo saxon
c) french
d) latin


Alfred entered into a treaty with the Vikings in the year

a) 1066AD
b) 597AD
c) 793AD
d) 886AD


which of the following was never the king of england

a) harald hadrada
b) harold, early of wessex
c) william, duke of normandy
d) edward


which of the following characteristics classified the Renaissance in England
a) renewed interest in the classics
b) an intense interest in poetry and literature
c) an increase in literacy
d) all of the above


Which of the following has contributed most of developing the English vocal over the last century

a) british conquest
b) armed conflict
c) science and technology
d) pop culture


we refer to the people who dispersed from central Europe to settle Eurasia as....


These three tribes drove the celts, picts, and scots from England and settled it themselves....

Angles, Saxons, Jutes

What occurred during the Middle English period that significantly increased the number of synonyms we have in the English language?

the influence of the french?

list three geographical locations where the English language spread due to British Colonization during the late modern period

Europe, ?

two words that colonists adopted from the native american languages


list three events that changed our languages during the late modern period

civil rights movement, women's rights movement, sports, woodstock and vietnam, medical advancements, mass technology, computer age, 9/11, music industry

This book standardized early modern English more than any other text of the era

King James Bible
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