While Tom a book, Marhta tv { =was reading, was watching

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  1. While Tom______a book, Marhta______TV.. .{

=was reading, was watching.

~was reading, watched.

~read watched.

~read, was watching,}

  1. When Mark arrived, the Johnsons______dinner, but

stopped in order to talk to him.{

~ had been having.


~was having.

=were having.}

  1. The food that Ann is cooking in the kitchen______deli­cious.{

~is smelling


~will smell

~is ving

  1. We called our friends in London yesterday to tell them about the reunion that we______.{

=were planning.

~will plan.

~have planned.

~will plans.}

  1. Catherine is studying law at the university, and so______ Nick.{





  1. feel terrible. I think I______to be sick.{


=am going.


~go well.}

  1. My colleagues usually______four days a week, and tillsweek they______five days.{

~are working, are working.

~work, work.

=work, are working.

~are working, work.}

  1. At 10 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday Tom______a delegation in the office.{

~would receive.

~is receiving.

~will receive.

=will be receiving.}

  1. Although the sun was shining, it was still cold, because it ______hard for two hours.{

~had rained.

=had been raining.

~was raining,

~is rai.}

  1. We______to the top of Holborn Hill before I______ that he was not smiling at all.{

=had got, knew.

~were getting, knew.

~got, knew.

~have got, have known.

  1. Although the period that we call "the Renaissance" ______in Italy in the fourteenth century, this idea of re­birth in learning characterized other epochs in history in different parts of the world.{



~had begun.

~will begin.}

  1. In spite of the fact that it______all day long, the match.{

~rained, was not cancelled.

~had been raining, was not cancelled.

=______and the stands were full of spectators.

~had rained, had not been cancelled.}

  1. The Neolithic Age was a period of history which______

in approximately 6000 B.C. and______until 3000 B.C.{

~had begun, had been lasting.

~had begun, lasted.

~began, was lasting.

=began, lasted.

  1. —______you______the post office when you're out?

- Probably. Why?

I need to mail the letter. Could you do it for me?.{

=will be passing.

~are passing.

~are going to pass.

~will pas.}

  1. We______for a walk when it______raining.{

~will go, will stop.

=will go, stops.

~are going, will stop.

~go, stops.}

  1. ______always______if the service is bad in restaurants.{

~will complain.

~am complaining.

~will be complaining.


  1. I______to the news on television at nine o'clock last


=was listening.

~have been listening.


~had been listening.}

  1. ______ you ______ many cities when you were in France.{

~are visiting.

=did visit.

~have visited.

~have ered.}

  1. They______for 20 minutes when his mother came in.{

=had been talking.

~have talked.

~were talking.


  1. The room looks very clean.______you______it?.{

=Have, cleaned.

~Did, clean.

~Do, clean.

~Are, cleaning.}

  1. . Next year is my parents' tenth wedding anniversary. They ______married for 10 years.{

~ Have.


~11 have.

=11 have been.


  1. Next week he______to Paris on business.{

~is going to go.



=is going.}

  1. 1 am afraid I______come to the party next week.{


~must not.

~could not.

~might not.}

  1. When we went to the forest, we______smell burning.{





  1. She spoke in a very low voice, but I______understand

what she said.{

~ must.

= Could.

~ Can,


  1. 1 do not know when they will be here. They______arrive

at any time. }





  1. The boss said that I______be at work at nine o'clock.

=had to.


~will be able to.


  1. Mary______close the window; it is getting cold.{

~had better to.

=had better.

~would better.

~should to.}

  1. Children______play football in the streets.{

~are to.

~have to.

~don't need.


  1. ______use the phone, please?.{

=May I.

~Must I.

~Have I to.

~Am I to.}

  1. Kate missed the film last night, because she______work late.{



=had to.


  1. Michael______drive without headlights, it is forbidden.{



~have to.

~need to.}

  1. It is only ten a.m. She______at school now.{

=must be.

~could be.

~should have been.

~have be.}

  1. Mary told me that she______to leave for London the next week.{

~is going.

~has gone.

~were going.

=was going.}

  1. 1 replied that I _____ her when I______back..{

~will phone, got.

=would phone, got.

~will have phoned, will have come.

~is to phone, get.}

  1. Mary said that Paris______beautiful in spring.{

~has been.




  1. The teacher______a report on the Civil War.{

=told Jane to make.

~told Jane make.

~tell to Jane to make.

~told to Jane to make.}

  1. She said that my shoes were wet through and asked if I ______all the way from the station in that rain.{

~was walking.


~has walked.

=had walked.}

  1. The old teacher advised me to speak slowly if 1_____ them to understand me.{

~ had wanted .


~want would.


  1. It was announced that the international treaty against the new warfare______and had gone into effect.{

~was ratified.

~is ratified.

~would have been ratified.

=had been ratified.}

  1. The Navy officials said that the dolphins______in salt water holding tanks.{

~are kept.

~will be kept.

=would be kept.

~will kept.}

  1. _____does the word "phenomenon" come from?.{





  1. ____kind of weather do you like?.{





  1. _____country does the Thames flow through?.{





  1. _____was the first man to invent a printing machine?.{





  1. 1 can't remember______I congratulated you or not.{





  1. 1 have no idea______books are lying on the table.{





  1. 1 am not sure______he is coming to the party or not.{





  1. Do you know______my friend is?.{





  1. In big cities you'll find restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars to suit every pocket,______?.{

~won't it.

=won't you.

~doesn't it.

~do you.}

  1. If you go camping, you will be able to see a lot of wild ani­mals, ______?/{


~do you.

=won't you.

~wen't you.}

  1. The polar bear can be found in the North,______it?.{





  1. Everything that's happened in this shop has almost hap­pened by accident,______?.{

~does it.

~don't they.

~has it.

=hasn't it.}

  1. The flat they bought was very expensive,______?.{

=wasn't it.

~was it.

~is it.

~isn't it.

  1. You don' like hamburgers,______?.{

~aren't you.

=do you.

~are you.


  1. What makes him______so jealous of his friends' success?.{


~to be.

~to have been.


  1. 1 am thinking______my country house.{


=of selling,

~to sell,

~is selling

  1. 1 would rather______her the truth.{

~have told.

~Telling Telling.

~to tell.


  1. You had better______your studies more seriously.{



~are taking.

~to take.}

  1. Mary succeeded______finding a job.{




~he/ourselves about

  1. George was looking forward______meeting Alice.[





  1. Bob was suspected______telling lies.{





  1. 1 don't feel______going to the theatre.{





  1. What prevented you______coming to the party?.{





  1. How often do you go______swimming?.{





  1. Are you interested______art?.{





  1. Kate is used______living alone.{





  1. 1 used______fresh fruit every morning.{

~in eating.

~for eating.


=to eat.}

  1. We decided______leaving her alone because she seemed to be ill.{





  1. Please forgive me______not visiting you.{





  1. We congratulated Kate______entering the university.{





  1. There was ______ crisis in ______ American agriculture in______1980s.{

~a, the, the.

~the, -, the.

=a, -, the.

~-, -, the.}

  1. According to______New York Times________third of______nation's family farmers are in______debt{.

=the, a, the,.

~the, a, —, -.

~-, the, -, -.

`the, a, the, the.}

74 .______effects of air pollution on______environment

have been observed for years.{


~-, -.

~the, -.

=the .the.}

  1. Mrs. Brown,______young woman with______fall of ______dark hair is______teacher.{

=a, a, -, a.

~a, a, the, a.

~the, a, —, a.

~a, a,______the.}

  1. People always have______hopes for______better life in ______future.[


~-, -,the.

~the, the, the.

=-, a, the.}

  1. Let me give you______good advice.{





  1. Do you know the______who lives next door?.{





  1. Old Mr. O'Hara told a story of the______movement in Ireland.{.





  1. He was 19 and too young to know much about_____life.{





  1. Have you met Peter's sisters?" "I have met one. I didn't know he had______sister.".{



~the other.

~the another.}

  1. He was in despair, he had______money to live on.{


~A few.


~A little.}

  1. In half______words he explained the situations.{

~Of dozen.


~and dozen.

=a dozen.}

  1. We saw a lot of pictures at the art shop, but______was

good enough to buy for our museum.{

=none of them.

~no of them.

~not some of them.

~only any of them.}

  1. If there are______calls for me, can you ask to leave a message?.{





  1. While peeling potatoes my small brother cut______with a sharp knife.{





  1. There are many good hotels in the town. You can stay at ______of them.{.





  1. I've been trying to phone her all day but______I phone

her the line is engaged.{

~all the time.

~the whole time,

~the every time.

=every time.}

  1. He is invited to lots of parties and he goes to______.{




=every one.}

  1. These are______organizations operating in our market and even______we would consider real competitors.{

~little, some.

=few, fewer.

~a few, many.

~some, fewer. }

  1. You are not the only one who failed to hear the news. I didn't______.{.





  1. If we hadn't taken the same plane, we might have never met______..{


~both of us.

=each other.


  1. .______food, clothes and some______goods have be­come more expensive nowadays.{

=much, other.

~many, the others.

~much, others.

~much, others.}

  1. I'm going to the wedding on Saturday.______is getting married.{

=a friend of me.

~mine friend.

~a friend of my.

~a friend of mine.}

  1. Mary______close the window; it is getting cold.{

=had better.

~should to.

~had better to.

~would better.}

  1. The exam was quite easy —______we expected.{

~more easy than.

~more easy that.

~easier as.

=easier than.}

  1. Moscow is especially famous______its elegant architec­ture.{





  1. He's a fast runner. I can't run as______as he.{





  1. My book is______interesting______yours.{

~like, like.

~as, like.

=as, as.

~like, as.}

  1. The film was really boring. It was______I've ever seen.{

~the more boring film.

~the film more boring.

~the most boring film.

=most boring film.}

  1. My house is______ height______his.{

=the same, as.

~as, as.

~as, the same.

~the same, the same

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