2. The director of "Call of the Wild" is

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1.The call of the wild is adventure film and based on Jack London’s novel. The film about a dog named Buck as he is stolen from California and sent Yukon. Buck was very cliver and strong. In California his owner love him and never meke him sad. One day a man see Buck, he was thife so He decided to steal and sold. Then man sold Buck to yukon. Yukon was very freezing and their people use sledges and dogs pulled sledges. Buck was scared because he has not seen snow before and his new owner was angry. The owner Sold Buck to a man named Perro. Perro was kind person and he loves dogs, his work to carry drugs and letters. First of all Buck never join sled dogs so he had some problems but then he was the new leader of sled dogs . They carry letters town to town after season in Spring snow melted so there were didn’t need to sled dogs. Perro sold Buck and his friend. Then Xel bought Buck and his friend he was rich but very greedy . He forced Buck to acros freezing lake The dogs was very tired so they hand not enougt strenght to cross river, however, xel forced dogs that time came Jhon and helpen buck to survive. They tpend much time together but wild always call buck then he joined wolves.
2. The director of “Call of the Wild” is Chris Sanders
3. The film in dramma and adventure
4. Omar Se as Perro
Xarrison Ford as Jhon
Den Stivens as Stivens
Kara Dji as fransuaza
5. California
6. Bucks Life chanched very bad after his sold because his new owner was very bad
7.Features of Beck’s character are revealed kind strong ptave person.
8.He had to learn live ike wolves.
10. Of course yes because Buck found his family. It’s true thas yhe ending of the film was some sad.
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