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2. Read the introduction to the article.
What is special about London?
London is the most multicultural city in the world.

What is special about Stroud Green Road?

People from many countries and cultures live on Stroud Green Road.

3. Look at the pictures and profiles of the people in the article.
Where are they from?
Burkan is from Istanbul in Turkey. He has a flower shop called The Sunflower Gallery.
Ming is from Qingdao in China. He runs a Chinese Medical Centre.
Luz-Elena is from Tulua in Colombia. She has a restaurant called Los Guada/es.
Mehul is from Nyeri in Kenya. He runs a dental surgery.

4. Work in small groups. Choose two of the people. Read about them and answer the questions.

1 When and why did she/he come to England?
Burkan came to England in 1986 to study business at college.
Ming came to England in 2000 because his daughter wanted to study in England.
Luz-Elena came to England when she was 19.
Her parents divorced and her mother wanted to make a new start.
Mehul came to England when he was 16 because he wanted to study medicine. He had an uncle in London.
2 How did he/she find it at first?
Burkan found it quiet. He didn't know anybody and he wanted to go home.
Ming says life was impossible for the first few years. It was hard to find work. It was difficult to talk to people.
Luz-Elena says it was an enormous shock at first. She thought everything in Europe would be wonderful, but she arrived in bad weather and London wasn't as exciting as she expected.
Mehul says it was very hard at first. The drive from the airport surprised him. He arrived in summer and the weather was good, but his first winter was the coldest winter for years.

3 What does she/he say about her/his business?
Burkan first had a restaurant. Customers in his florist shop come from many different cultures. He learns something new every day.
Ming says people in the West are more interested in herbal medicine now. Luz-Elena's restaurant is becoming more popular, especially with Europeans. She loves her work. She says it's the most interesting job in the world. She thinks it's not just serving food, it's giving an experience of her culture.
Mehul says he loves that his patients are of all nationalities, religions, and colours. He's seeing the third generation of the same families.

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