Aminov Azamat 404-group What does a good constitution do?

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  1. What does a good constitution do?

A good constitution can keep the power of state and public control, ensures that public represents are responsible for ordinary citizens, improve people’s live, develop the country, protect rights of people, make people to be happy and others.

  1. Describe at least three aspects of the fictional country of Ruatania.

  1. What are some examples of the Presidents limitless power?

The President had unlimited power and nothing could stop the President from appointing his brothers to high positions, parliament had no real power, the court had limited independence and there was no limited number of times to be elected, the constitution was too weak to protect people.

  1. What happened when the President decided to have his son succeeded him?

5 years ago people of Ruatania when they had heard that the President was planning remain to his son his place, they revolted against him and decided to change system and the constitution of their motherland to rebuild new democratic Ruatania.

  1. What were the 5 common goals in constitutional change for Ruatania?

  • Reduce excessive power of the President and limit his power and divide authority between the Court and Parliament;

  • Empower people to participate in political processes;

  • To give independence to the Court and judiciary process of law and protect human rights;

  • Religious and ethnic minority restriction are invalided and they have chance to get represents in Parliament;

  • The great areas and provinces had been ignored and the constitution centralized power.

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