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Lesson plan name Class Lesson

Lesson plan name: Class: Lesson n

LESSON PLAN Teacher's Name: Toshpulatov Shakhzod Class: 9 Lesson no: Date: 01.06.2022 Time:45 minutes

Lesson aims: By the end of the lesson, students will be better able to understand all kindsof reading exercises.
However pupils will do some complex reading exercises after the lesson.

Teacher’s own developmental aims: The teacher's aims are that to help students increase their level of knowledge and
then achieve a higher level in the foreign language proficiency test.

Topic/function: Wild animals

New Vocabulary: squirrel, chipmunk, otter, meerkat,

Hyena, cheetah, Porcupine, raccoon, sloth.

Assumed Knowledge: The level of reading skills known to facilitate understanding of the study material, but which is not a requirement for entry.

Anticipated problems:Problem with two pupils behaviour: pupils don't want to understand the lesson and they don't do home tasks every lesson.

Possible solutions: The teacher should work with these two pupils separately after class or during class, finding ideas to get them interested in the lesson.

New structures: In this article and video, we look at a range of strategies for becoming a better reader. By carefully matching your approach to your material, and taking control of the reading process, you'll learn how to get the best results from the time and effort you put in – on both page and screen.

Phonology points: Use this helpful phonological awareness lesson to introduce or review the beginning. This can be used as a stand alone or support lesson for the color it out lesson plan.







the teacher should work with the students while observing them during the lesson.

the teacher explains the lesson with clear complete materials

students should listen carefully to the rules and exercises explained by the teacher during the lesson.

Students will be able to categorize types of animals into the correct classes with a graphic organizer after reading an article on animal traits.


During the lesson I tried to explain my lesson to students. And I use some materials. This material could help to understood very well Summarize the information just covered in the class in your own words. Explain how the lesson builds on previous lessons and connects to the upcoming assignment. Have students conclude by summarizing or interpreting the significance of the lesson.
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