Colonel Hudson is a 1995 rotc distinguished Military Graduate from Georgia

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Colonel Timothy L. Hudson assumed duty as the 33rd Commander of Landstuhl 

Regional Medical Center, Germany,  on June 13, 2017.  


Colonel Hudson is a 1995 ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate from Georgia 

Southwestern State University. Following graduation, Colonel Hudson began 

his Army career as an Army Nurse Corps Officer, completing the Officer Basic 

Course with a follow-on assignment to Walter Reed Army Medical Center 

where he attended the Critical Care Nursing Course and was assigned to the 

Surgical Intensive Care/Cardio-thoracic unit. 


After leaving Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Colonel Hudson was assigned 

to the 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital where he worked in the emergency 

department at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and also deployed to 

Macedonia (Task Force Hawk) and later to Kosovo (Task Force MED Falcon). Upon returning to the States in 

2001, he was selected to serve in the White House Medical Unit as one of the nurses to President George W. 

Bush. After completing his assignment at the White House Medical Unit, he was assigned to the 274th Forward 

Surgical Team (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, NC and the Clinical Nurse OIC of the Womack Army Medical 

Center’s Intensive Care Unit. In 2005, he deployed to Mosul, Iraq where he served as the 47th Combat Support 

Hospital Intermediate Care Ward nursing OIC in addition to the Chief Nurse of the Forward Surgical Team. 

Upon returning from deployment, Colonel Hudson became the acting Chief Nurse for the 28th Combat Support 

Hospital and the Chief of Performance Improvement at Womack Army Medical Center. He left Fort Bragg in 

2007 and was assigned to Martin Army Community Hospital as a Section Chief and subsequently deployed to 

Afghanistan with the Joint Theater Trauma System. After returning from Afghanistan he became the Chief of 

Hospital Education and Training. Colonel Hudson commanded the 264th Medical Battalion at Joint Base San 

Antonio from 2010-2012 and is a 2013 graduate of the U.S. Army War College. After War College attendance

he was assigned to the Office of the Surgeon General/MEDCOM, G-3/5/7, Health and Wellness Directorate 

prior to taking command of the Medical Recruiting Brigade in 2014. Colonel Hudson holds both the critical 

care and emergency nursing skill identifiers.  


Colonel Hudson's professional degrees include a PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University and Master’s 

degrees from Central Michigan University, University of Oklahoma, and the U.S. Army War College. He is 

board certified as a critical care nurse and healthcare executive and is a Fellow in the American College of 

Healthcare Executives. He has attended the AMEDD Executive Skills Course, Interagency Institute for Federal 

Health Care Executives, the Advance Nurse Leadership Course, the Army Trauma Training Course, JMSEI 

Capstone, and the Medical Strategic Leadership Program.  


His awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service 

Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (6 OLC), Joint Service Commendation Medal (1 OLC), Army 

Commendation Medal (1 OLC), Army Achievement Medal (3 OLC), Air Force Achievement Medal, and 

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. He has also been awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award

Meritorious Unit Citation, and Army Superior Unit Award (2 OLC). Colonel Hudson has been awarded the 

Combat Action, Expert Field Medical, Senior Parachutist, Air Assault, Aircrew, and Presidential Service 

Badges. He was inducted into the Army Medical Department’s Order of Military Medical Merit in 2008 and 

was awarded the United States Army Recruiting Excellence Medallion in 2016.  

Colonel Timothy L. Hudson 


Landstuhl Regional Medical Center


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