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French diary

Map of France

Our friends from Valence

Their school

  • Their school is 104 years old. Their school year is divided into 3 semesters. About 1000 pupils go to their school. 13 teachers teach them.They have the new cafeteria.They learn French, Canadian English, Latin, Austrian German, Italian and Spanish. At school they have educational advisors and assistants. Lessons start at 8 , sometimes at 9 and sometimes at 10.

Their typical food

Sports in Drome

  • In the Drome/Ardeche they do a lot of sports:Basketball, rock climbing, ice hockey, kayaking, hiking ...and many others!

Interesting places in Drome

  • In Valence, you can visit the museum and the beautiful cathedral, not far away, you can go and visit the most famous Roman shoe museum in the world! The town is known for its shoes and it is the capital of shoes in France. In Drôme, there are also many castles to visit: the castle Crussol or the castle GRIGNAN (see below). If you go to the Ardèche You can go hiking, canoeing, swimming and camping in the amazing 'Gorges de l'Ardèche »and enjoy the river and its many excellent beaches, which attract many visitors throughout the year. Both the Drome and the Ardèche, everywhere you go hiking and enjoy the beautiful views and landscapes. The most famous mountains, Rhône-Alpes region of the Vercors massif in the vicinity of the Alps, where you can go downhill and cross-country skiing.

Photos from Drome

Houses in Valence

  • In Valence, there are lots of houses .This is a new building:

  • This is a farm outside the city center:

Their favorite pets

Information and photos by the French students, presentation by Jitka a Růža

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