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Technological map of the lesson on the topic

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Technological map of the lesson on the topic:

Stages of the lesson

  1. Procedure of the lesson:



Stage 1. Introduction to the lesson
( 10 min)

The teacher will ask the students if they have ever watched the show “Stranger Things”. Usually some students will say yes and it will allow you to use the excitement of this to tell them that you will use the TV show to show them how to write an introduction to a rhetorical analysis.

Stage 2
The main stage

During this time, the teacher will display the PPT slides going over the topic and basically teaching them the concept. At the end of the slides, students will be instructed to attempt to do the writing. It can be based on any scripted speech that you choose. I chose Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

II. Consolidation of acquired knowledge (20min):

Students will work on this assignment.

Stage 3
The final stage

Students will be able to read their introductions out loud and get feedback from the teacher.

This is just an introduction lesson on a rhetorical technique that can be applied when writing an analysis.
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