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lesson plan Precis (3)




Model of educational technology practical training lesson


The number of students:

Type of the lesson:

Building Background Knowledge

Lesson plan:

Students will learn about a rhetorical technique in writing called a precis.

Aim of the lesson:
To equip students with the knowledge of being able to write an introduction paragraph in a rhetorical analysis.

Objectives of the lesson: Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
• the conventions of a wide range of written textual forms (scripted speech is the example in this lesson)

Learning outcomes: The students will be able to:
AO1 Read and demonstrate understanding of a wide variety of texts.
AO2 Write effectively, creatively, accurately and appropriately, for a range of audiences and purposes.
AO3 Analyse the ways in which writers’ and speakers’ choices of form, structure and language produce meaning and style.

Methodology of the lesson:

The teacher will share a PPT presentation with students using the theme of the TV show “Stranger Things”. There are graphic organizers that are included in the slides that will allow students to be able to do the activity.


The teacher will model how to do the activity first, then students will attempt to complete the activity on their own. While students are working, the teacher will be able to give feedback, answer questions, or assist any struggling students.

Materials and equipment:

PPT slides




This will be based on the accuracy of the writing that students did. The teacher will be able to assess this by also looking at the graphic organizer.

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