Letter to the editor susan Miller Miller’s Trucking Inc

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Susan Miller 

Miller’s Trucking Inc. 

Judith Gap Montana 


While taking time out of these chaotic, unsure times to watch the Kennedy Awards, many 

thoughts about the current state of affairs struck me with a strong hold.  Perhaps it was the 

moving performances in honor of Bruce Springsteen that afforded me the courage to write with 

some definition my feelings, and thoughts about an industry that has been such a part of my life. 

     Timber, a word depicting trees; a word that has so become who we are and what we do.  As a 

progressive industry we have surpassed any goals ever thought possible.  We have elevated above 

destructive criticism to become stewards of the land.  Our pride and enthusiasm, meaningful, 

beyond any monetary values.   

     We are a large group of individuals, striving for excellence, with a singular purpose at hand.  

Our purpose is survival.  Each sunrise brings the question, will what we know and celebrate be 

here for us at sunset?. Will our children who have chosen our path be graced with the 

opportunities that we have been afforded?  Will our stories be remembered and repeated?  Will 

we be able to continue on for days, weeks or years?   

     It seems that there is an eminent fear amongst the crowd... what will become of us? 

     It is a simple fact to look to the future with hope.  Hope that we can find the courage and 

strength to endure, focusing on change and meeting it’s demands with the energy and enthusiasm  

that is required.  The requirements seem overwhelming at this moment; perhaps in time, the 

efforts will not seem as mountainous, maybe even comfortable routine will ensue. 

     My prayer is for creativity, the ability to change in a way that is heart felt.  My hopes are for 

changes that will only in time make each of us a stronger, wiser, and again allow each of us to 

experience that feeling of achievement.   

     May each of us find the strength to continue on, to move forward in a fashion that will convey 

our knowledge and abilities with only a few words.  Excellence comes from within; it is 

rewarded; but it may just take longer than we anticipated. 

     God Speed.   Susan Miller 



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