Lindsey Stirling-Elements

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Lindsey Stirling-Elements


Earth, Air, Fire, Water

  • These 4 elements have influenced the world throughout time.

  • The elements of art influence the world universally too!

Explaining the Elements of Art


EXPRESS how you feel in line form

  • Draw lines on a scratch piece of paper that represent how you feel at this very moment in time.

Making Connections

  • We can use the elements of art to express emotions or open-ended thoughts just like expressing ideas through the principles of design, only this time we separate ourselves from visual references in the world (separation from environments).

Abstraction is

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

  • These 4 elements have influenced the world throughout time.

Your Question: What’s your emotional element?

  • Assignment: Create a drawing inspired by either one of the 4 earth elements or your personal emotions. It must be non-representational

  • Drawing should use all of the elements of art including line, shape, color, form, value, space, and texture.

For this assignment Think less like American Artist, Jackson Pollock

And more like Russian Artist, Kandinsky

Techniques for Chalk Pastels

Today’s Goal and Plan

  • Write artist statement . Spray drawing with fixative.

  • Display work in the library (with statement). Use clear tape to hang them up. Hang them inside the library so students cannot rub the artwork with their hands.

  • Email me a photos of all of your finished assignments so far.


Abstract Artist Statement

  • Describe your drawing and summarize the elements of art you used in your drawing.

  • 2. What thoughts or feeling inspired your abstract drawing? Justify your thought process.

  • 3. What comes to mind when you view your drawing? Emotions? Thoughts?

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