Meaning's of people's names

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Meaning's of people's names
Name meanings might be bold or hidden, easy to understand or difficult to pinpoint. We've gathered lists of names with meanings, including girl names, boy names, and unisex names, so you can search baby names by meanings first.
The most popular name meanings include names that mean hope, names meaning love, and names that mean strength or power. Traditional name meanings often relate to physical characteristics, like hair color, or dwelling places.
Modern name meanings are often obvious, since many of today's unique baby names are created from words or nature or spiritual qualities. Baby names such as True and Ivy and Bear mean as names exactly what they mean as words.
The meanings of names, whether obvious or hidden, have become more rather than less popular in recent years. Many parents search for name meanings that symbolize a quality that's important to them -- names that mean new beginnings, for instance, or names that mean life -- and work backwards to find a name that fits.
Not all name meanings are positive, of course. Some otherwise-appealing names have negative meanings like lame or rival (sorry, Emily). This may matter to you or it may not, but you definitely should be aware of a name's meaning before you settle on it.
Search these lists of name meanings to find the type of baby name and style of meaning that works best for you.
The best boy names meaning God are traditional choices, many of them originating in ancient religious and scriptural sources such as the Bible.
Many of the most well-used boys' names in English-speaking countries over the centuries have had God in their meaning. John, Joseph, Michael and all their variations have meanings related to God.
Theodore and Elijah, both in the Top 10, are currently the most popular baby boy names that mean God. Along with Theodore and Elijah, other male names meaning God in the US Top 100 include Daniel, Matthew and Mateo, Jack and John, Nathaniel and Gabriel.
Wading through our complete list of Names That Mean God is a huge task, so we've hand-picked the best selections for you. Here, the very best baby names for boys with meanings related to God, ordered by their current popularity on Nameberry.
The meaning of names has always been very important to me. When I was born, I was given a name that meant Beloved. I was the third of three children all given french names. Theirs were a little more normal: Marie and Claire…like the magazine. I got one that was unusual, spelled with an accent and pronounced weird depending on who you asked.
I was kind of a terror growing up, so I associated that name, Beloved, more with the character in the Toni Morrison novel than with the angelic, loving nature my mom attached to it. You know, a malicious haint with a score to settle. Or as Morrison put it: “spiteful. Full of a baby’s venom.” And I hated my funny spelled name. I was always teased, or at least that’s how my young brain felt, because there was a more american spelling of my name. I even asked my mom once if I could spell it the american way but she shut that down without hesitation.
I’m the youngest child, with a 5 year gap between me and the middle child and for some reason my mother always referred to me at her “reward.” I never really got clarification on what that meant for her and as I got older, I wasn’t sure I wanted it. Throughout my life though, I always associated it with that one scene in Aladdin, you know, where Aladdin has just given the lamp to Jafar and the Cave of Wonders is collapsing and threatening to trap Aladdin? Jafar is all “oh but wait, your reward” and he pulls out that jagged knife to slice off his hand That’s what I always thought of when my parents would mention it. Nonetheless, when I was older, I had to pick a name for arabic class I was in, so I chose Nawal, meaning reward. I’m certain I’m on some terrorist watch list for googling “reward arabic translate” in 2006 but oh well.Once I got out of my parents house, I really became a terror. I lived out that “full of a baby’s venom” quite thoroughly. I tore through towns and lives like a drug-fueled tornado. I always say the only reason I don’t have a police record is because I ran fast.

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