Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky 1840-1893 (Romantic Period)

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Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

  • 1840-1893

  • (Romantic Period)



  • His mom sang many types of songs to him including folk to opera.

  • At the age of 5 he began to play the piano.

  • Family moved to St. Petersburg.

  • Parents wanted him to prepare to go into government.


Tchaikovsky and Russia

  • Loved Russia, but social inequality bothered him.

  • He did not like the differences between the rulers and the poor.

  • His music brought these two groups together instead of pointing out differences.

  • He loved people and thus created music for them.


  • Music reflected his own emotions and emotions that are common throughout humanity.

  • Have you ever seen the Nutcracker or Fantasia?

While Listening….

  • Think of an artist today that would compare to Tchaikovsky.

      • Style (fast, slow, soft, loud…)
      • Life

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