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Registrations are now open 

for the WRA-XRO ISRU 

Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon 250/150 km 

The first extreme self-supported race  

with italian-iranian organization in the desert  

of Dasht-e-Lut (Iran) will take place on may, 2016. 

Race Director: multiple world champion Paolo Barghini. 



Extreme Races Organization will host the WRA-XRO Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

the first extreme self supported footrace in the iranian desert. The race will start on the 2nd 

of may and i twill have a length of 250km (150km for the Lite version). 

Paolo Barghini, multiple desert races world champion, is the race designer and race 

director: he thought of a spectacular path in the Dasht-e-Lut, making available to the 

competitors his wide experience with this kind of races. 

XRO Extreme Races Organization, will manage the logistics and the organization of the 

event, perfectly supported by AITO e CICE for the iranian side.  

XRO was born from the merge of WRA 

– World Running Academy 

( and the tour operator Yana viaggi (  


La WRA-XRO ISRU - Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon is for those who are not afraid of 

extreme conditions. Paolo conceived this footrace to pass on his experience, along with 

feelings and sensations, felt over the years to the athletes who want to get to know their 

limits and put themselves to the test in totally safe conditions.  

The ISRU is split in 6 stages/7days through the unblelievable landscapes of Dasht-e-Lut, 

southeastern Iran, one of the driest place on Earth. 

The landscape is extremely various and 

– from a racer point of view – difficult, but 

because of this, is even more interesting and stimulating.  

The path runs through salt flats, canyons, peaks and valleys eroded by the wind that 

assume spectacular forms; desert citadels, sand dunes and lava formations, making a 

step in the hottest place on Earth - the Gandom Beryan - where in the summer have been 

recorded temperatures of over 70 degrees Celsius. 

Participants will run during the day and spend their nights in the caravanserai and/or 

tented camps, to end with a triumphant arrival in the city of Kerman, with the final stage 

that will decide the winner. Medical and nursing staff will be present at the checkpoints 

(every 10 km of path) and in the tented camps. 



There are two formats: the whole race of 250km (6 stages of 35km per day with a 

long stage of 70km) and the ride Lite 150 km (6 stages by 20/25km per day with a 

long stage of 42km). Lite (150km) runners will be taken directly to the 1st checkpoint to 

run the daily stage. The two races share the same itinerary, the same camps and will have 

the same duration. 

Full details on the program, participation fees, preparation, safety and organization: 





Born on May 17, 1960 and resident in Carrara (Tuscany - Italy), Paolo is the organizer and 

Race Director of the WRA XRO ISRU Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon 250/150 km and 

world champion of extreme races: an ultramarathon man that, among other things, won 

the Jordan 2012 (250 km in the self-sufficiency in 6 stages in Jordan, 1st overall), the 

Sahara Race 2011 (250 km in self-sufficiency in 6 stages, Egypt - 1st place with the Mister 

Desert Running Team Category Team) and the Sahara Race 2009 (250 km self-

sufficiency in 6 stages, Egypt, 1st place: best result ever for an Italian athlete). 


In 2007 Paolo became FIDAL trainer, and from 2010 he made available his experience by 

founding the World Running Academy, helping thanks to his methods, hundreds of 

athletes to improve their personal performance. 





 Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon 


Extreme Races Organization 











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