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A new approach to what we call traditional


— platforms like 

Wake it, shake it and 

We, the people transcend approaches 

to traditional art forms and involve the 

community into new and experimental 

ways of using their traditional skills 

and crafts unlocking creativity, engage-

ment and social art. 


— in 

digital diplomacy project we trans-

mit the stories of Kaunas as a tempo-

rary capital and temporary centre of 

diplomatic missions from all over the 

world into augmented/digital reality 

and initiate an online-based heritage 

mapping project, which also contains 

live meetings and story-telling events.


— traditional events like Kaunas/hanse-

atic days based on medieval culture 

or folk dance and song festivals will 

be enriched by updated content.


the Mythical beast,  a  traditional  fig-

ure and story will emerge through 

traditional artistic forms and will also 

be celebrated with the use of the lat-

est technologies: traces of 

the beast 

in the City made visible and audible 

by augmented reality, a theatre perfor-

mance combined with 3d visuals and 

7d holograms, and many more. 


— Latest technologies will be used to 

animate cultural heritage objects and 

stories around them – audio-visual 

routes through the City, animation 

films,  animated  heritage  videos  and 

digitised comics will be accessible via 

Kaunas 2022 online platform. aug-

mented reality products, which extend 

traditional approach to environment 

will enrich 

digital diplomacy, and 

other projects. vr products will allow 

local audiences and distant visitors to 

explore the architectural and urban 

heritage of the City.


pixel tunnels to Europe project will 

ensure the sharing of traditional and 

street culture, dance, drawing, panto-

mime, etc. with other European cities 

by using live digital broadcast chan-

nels in public spaces. 


— We will initiate the digitisation of mu-

seums, but not just for purely techno-

logical or archiving reasons. the main 

aim is to animate museums and their 

collections, and to connect museums 

with communities. Museums will have 

to leave behind the “traditional‘ (inef-

fective) ways of just preserving and 

presenting content, open their collec-

tions and staff (human resources) to 

communities, bring parts of the col-

lection outside the museum, encour-

age communities to create their own 

exhibitions and present their own cul-

ture as intangible local and European 

heritage (

remix Culture).


— City as public art and design Centre: 

contemporary murals, street dance, 

temporary sculptures, installations 

and street performances will interrupt 

the traditional way of living, consum-

ing and using the City‘s environment. 


— 40 

fluxus Labs spread in Kaunas and 

the district will unite professionals 

and non-professionals, local and for-

eign actors, traditional culture ele-

ments and contemporary art. twin-

ning of communities internationally 

will be based on digital technologies. 

Contemporary circus and dance pro-

gramme will be developed in remote 

communities and based on their rural 

culture and local stories.


— besides only looking for technology-

driven innovative approaches towards 

local traditional culture, we are go-

ing to revive a 

story-telling tradition 

for heritage animation and commu-

nity projects. the story-telling course 

will be one of

 the tempo academy of 

Culture courses, during which several 

unique “talking heritage” programmes 

will be created. 

© jb














the initial idea of applying for ECoC title 

was raised by the local cultural operators 

and introduced to the local administration, 

which later provided the requested sup-

port. Kaunas 2022 bidding team consists 

of culture professionals who represent a 

variety  of  culture  fields  including  visual 

and performing arts, literature, heritage 

and architecture, philosophy, contempo-

rary circus, etc. the ideas which came up 

by working together were voiced to a wide 

circle of cultural organisations and artists 

during many public meetings that raised 

a lot of interest and generally showed big 

support from the local cultural community.


at the end of 2015, Kaunas 2022 bidding 

team announced an invitation to share 

ideas and suggestions on themes, projects, 

creative partnerships for Kaunas 2022 

programme. by the end of 2016 the invita-

tion resulted in more than 100 proposals 

from different ngos, communities, public 

institutions, artists from Kaunas City and 

the district. all of the suggestions were 

considered, discussed and developed fur-

ther during more than 700 individual and 

collective meetings, and thematic working 

groups to merge all of the proposals into 

a coherent and solid artistic programme. 

group workshop sessions involved repre-

sentatives from the local theatre, music, 

museum, arts, library, heritage, architec-

ture, educational and sports sectors. pro-

jects in the current 

Contemporary Capital 

programme involve over 150 local culture 

operators and individuals who are the 

strength of our bid and a high guarantee of 

Kaunas’ potential to implement the ECoC 

programme with local cultural operators 

and broad European partnerships. 

We continuously work on developing a vast 

network of ambassadors who support Kau-

nas’ candidacy and now includes 27 signifi-

cant figures in literature, theatre, music and 

other fields of culture. They are actively in-

volved in the conception and communica-

tion of the programme. Link to the full list 

of Kaunas 2022 ambassadors: http://kau-


Some of the examples of partnerships with 

local cultural organisations are listed be-


Kaunas Film Centre Romuva is the oldest 

functioning cinema theatre in Kaunas es-

tablished in 1939 just before the war with 

the most modern trends and technologies 

of that time. it is an inspirational example 

of Modernist architecture. today it repre-

sents the non-commercial, alternative film 

culture and has become one of Kaunas’ bo-

hemian spots. 

aCtions EnvisagEd: 


Ladislas starevich animation Labora-

tory will include animated storytelling 

workshops for children aged 7–15 and 

will involve over 300 school students, 

who will develop their own animated 

films in groups accompanied by profes-

sionals. during the proposed Ladislas 

starevich festival all of the newly pro-

duced films will be screened to a wide 

audience at the film centre romuva. 


— a film repertoire dedicated to subcul-

tures, minorities, ethnic cultures in-

volving communities in the creation 

of a repertoire based on their collec-

tive memory, history and relevant top-

ics (

tear down the Walls project).

Established in 1921, the 

M. K. Čiurlionis Na-

tional Museum of Art has turned into one 

of the oldest and largest art museums in 

Lithuania. it is the best place in Lithuania to 

become acquainted with the development 

of Lithuanian and international art history 

and culture, from ancient times to the pre-

sent day. the museum has 10 locations in 

Kaunas that include everything from im-

pressive ancient, classic and modern art 

displays, four historic house museums and 

even a one of a kind devil collection.

aCtions EnvisagEd:


— the Museum will host a special exhi-

bition of the russian born expression-

ist painter Marianne von Werefkin who 

lived in Kaunas and the blaue reiter 

painter group that she belonged to. 


— an exhibition of Litvak (jews with 

roots in Lithuania) artists will pre-

sent famous École de paris painters 

and sculptors with the jewish Lithu-

anian origin. the exhibition will in-

clude works by jacques Lipchitz, Marc 

Chagall, arbit blatas, theo tobiasse, 

Max band, Emmanuel Mané-Katz, 

pinchus Krémègne, Michael Kikoïne, 

jacques Missene, ossip Zadkine, si-

mon glatzer and others.


— the Museum will also participate in the 

production of new public art installa-

tions based on the works by the most 

famous lithuanian artist M. K. Čiurlionis. 


— the Museum will become one of the 

core members of the 

tempo acade-

my and Wake it, shake it programme 

in which new collaborative interdisci-

plinary productions such as the trav-

elling Museum and the 

Learning Mu-

seum will be implemented.

based on the proposal received from 


independent artist collective daina 

Pupkevičiūtė  and  Vaida  Tamoševičiūtė, 

Kaunas 2022 will support the develop-

ment of a new international platform 


tters for thinkers, artists and activists of 

the industrial (sub)culture. the festival 

programme will involve local sound artists 

(like arma, artūras Bumšteinas, Body Car-

go, Budrūs, Extravaganza, N.O., ganzer Ma-

chine,  girnų  giesmės),  visual  artists  (Dar-

ius  Žiūra,  gabrielė  gervickaitė,  saltmira, 

Danius  Kesminas)  and  thinkers  (audronė 

Žukauskaitė,  Jurijus  Dobriakovas  and  oth-

ers). it will aim to culturally re-activate the 

former industrial sites and humanise the 

operating industrial areas in our neigh-


the participation of Kaunas’ festivals and 

their operators is essential for Kaunas 

2022 programme because of their high-

quality production, long-standing Euro-

pean and global partnerships, rich expe-

rience and dynamic nature. the meetings 

with organisers have led us to integrate 

them in all of the Kaunas 2022 pro-

gramme parts, agree on integrating their 

human resources, facilities and possibili-

ties of contributing to the aims of the 

ECoC programme. 


The Kaunas Jazz Festival (april) will 

organise special concerts at the Kau-

nas synagogue. special events within 

the festival will be held in some of the 

residential neighbourhoods of Kaunas 

(community projects).


Pažaislis Classical Music Festival (sum-

mer period) will spread its geographi-

cal location to a wider area covering 

the Kaunas district. organisers of the 

festival have also contributed and will 

further participate in the development 

of the main outdoor events. 


How has the city involved, or how does it plan to involve, local artists 

and cultural organisations in the conception and implementation of 

the cultural programme? Please give some concrete examples and 

name some local artists and cultural organisations with which coop-

eration is envisaged and specify the type of exchanges in question.

Cultural and  

artistic content


Kaunas Biennial will facilitate a science 

and art programme (

designing happi-

ness), collaborate with the national 

science Centre, and lead international 

residencies for



Magic Carpet. the 

biennial has contributed to the 


academy (2017–2022) by suggesting a 

broad spectrum of European level part-

nerships and will help in developing 

them further. the biennial team will cu-

rate the 

reconciliation oratory project 

(composed by philip Miller). 


Kaunas Photo Festival will develop a 

year-round programme of indoor and 

outdoor photographic exhibitions and 

installations, organise artist residen-

cies for the 

fluxus Labs project. the 

festival will work in collaboration with 

the street art festival nykoka, Media 

art festival 

Centras, the proposed 

post-industrial Culture festival 


ttErs and Litvak forum.


Kaunas in Art Festival (summer pe-

riod), led by Meno parkas gallery and 

co-curated by Krzysztof stanislawski 

(pL), will organise artist residencies 

and contribute to public art initiatives 


designing happiness and fluxus 

Labs programmes).


Live Art Festival CREATurE will present 

a special performance art programme 

within the proposed industrial art 


MattErs. the organisers of 

CrEaturE will also develop a unique 


performance art archi-

ve in Kaunas which is planned to be 

launched by 2022.


Baltic Watercolour Biennial Baltic 

Bridges (autumn period) will show 

the best examples of works on pa-

per by artists from the baltic and 

nordic countries. it will connect with 


Confluence programme strand 

by dedicating an exhibition, special 

outdoor events and workshops to the 

riverside topic.


— Each year 

AURA Dance Festival (octo-

ber)  presents  a  high-profile  interna-

tional dance programme. the festival 

will contribute to 

yiddishe Mame by 

staging dance performances in collab-

oration with israel-based choreogra-

phers such as renana raz, yossi berg 

and oded graf on the local history of 

the holocaust at the iX fort Museum. 

the organisers of the festival will also 

produce dance tours directed by in-

ternational choreographers in public 

and industrial spaces, as well as her-

itage sites unveiling hidden places of 



Puppet Theatre Festival organised 

by the Kaunas state puppet theatre 

is held May–july every year. the fes-

tival coincides with one of the main 

outdoor events of Kaunas 2022 pro-

gramme dedicated to the Kaunas 

Legend (20–22 May 2022). thus, the 

organisers of the festival will be di-

rectly involved in implementing a 

unique animus puppetry workshop in 

different neighbourhoods across Kau-

nas and directing the performance 

in a special parade that will tell the 

Legend of Kaunas. 


— the 

Bard Festival Akacijų Alėja is an 

open-air event that takes place in a 

small town of Kulautuva in the Kaunas 

district each year, attracts thousands 

of people and has a long standing his-

tory. for 2022 the festival will extend 

its  international  profile  by  inviting 

bard music performers of other Euro-

pean countries.


— representatives of these and other 

prominent festivals in Kaunas will 

participate in the 

tempo academy 


Wake it, shake it programme by 

not only joining the training sessions 

but also sharing their practices and 


finally, should our application succeed, 

Kaunas 2022 plans to 

involve as many lo-

cal artists and performers as possible in the 

Fluxus Labs programme and three Grand 

events  of Kaunas 2022 mobilising thou-

sands of local young talents and profes-

sionals. for example, the 

Liberty Music pa-

rade on Liberty avenue in celebration of the 

beast day will involve more than 2,000 par-

ticipants, including local and national mu-

sic collectives and performers (orchestras, 

choirs, singers, soloists) who will play and 

sing European authors’ compositions about 

freedom through the windows of the Liber-

ty avenue. the same weekend digital artists 

will introduce their work in a form of out-

door animated 3d projections and Kaunas 

state puppet theatre directors and actors 

together with their international partners 

will participate in a specially created large-

scale puppet performance on the story of 

the beast.

© Lv














Kaunas’ initiative to bid for the ECoC ti-

tle was introduced and developed by a 

group of independent representatives 

of  different  culture  fields  based  in  Kau-

nas. from the very beginning the initia-

tive has enjoyed the unanimous political 

support from the major political parties. 

in spring 2015 the previous Kaunas City 

Council voted to accept the new Kaunas 

City strategy for the years 2015–2022 in 

which the aim of securing the European 

Capital of Culture title for 2022 is de-

clared as a stepping stone to unite Kau-

nas culture operators and citizens as well 

as to optimise cultural infrastructure and 

achieve better quality cultural service. 

after the election in spring of 2015 the 

current municipal government has been 

actively supporting the implementation of 

this strategy and providing Kaunas 2022 

bidding team with all required support. 

on 15 March 2016 the City Council voted 

and unanimously agreed to provide the 

requested budget of 12m Euros for the 

ECoC programme (Kaunas City Munici-

pality Council decision n. t-98, March 15, 

2016) and the district Council has shown 

the same support when they agreed on 

participating in the ECoC programme to-

gether with Kaunas City and confirmed the 

proposed budget of 4m Euros for the pro-

gramme by voting on March 24, 2016 (22 

votes for, 0 against and 3 abstained). 

on 7 february 2017 the City Council vot-

ed  and  reconfirmed  the  City’s  application 

for the final stage of the competition, in-

cluding the updated programme structure, 

management model, and the previously 

confirmed budget, and showed support of 

all political parties.

the national government has made a 

commitment regarding their financial con-

tribution on 20


 april  2016  with  an  offi-

cial decision of the strategic Committee of 

the national government to support up to 

50% of the cultural programme budget of 

any selected city, however, no more than 

10m Euros in total. 


Please confirm and supply evidence that you have broad and 

strong political support and a sustainable commitment from 

the relevant local, regional and national public authorities.

Capacity to deliver


Please confirm and supply evidence that your city has or will have 

adequate and viable infrastructure to host the title. To do that, 

please answer the following questions:

Capacity to deliver



Žalgiris Arena is built on nemunas is-

land in the very centre of the City in 2011. 

it can fit up to 20,000 viewers and was vot-

ed the best arena by the managers of the 

Euroleague clubs in 2016. Explicitly well 

designed acoustics, the most modern tech-

nologies inside the arena allow hosting of 

top scale events. the arena will be used 

for our main events, especially during our 

cold seasons.

Most of the local cultural venues provide 

not only effective basis for cultural events 

but also a chance to study the local char-

acter of Modernist architecture and inte-



Kaunas State Philharmonic hall which 

was built in 1928 has been lately re-

furbished and can fit up to 530 view-

ers. in 2022 it will host classical music 



— Many of the local amateur collectives 

are located at 

Kaunas Culture Centre 

Tautos Namai which is another exam-

ple of local Modernist architecture. 

Located centrally, the Centre has a 

well-equipped theatre hall for 500 

viewers and provides space necessary 

for rehearsals, preparatory workshops 

of the highlight events, performances 

and concerts of Kaunas 2022 pro-



— the 

Cinema Theatre Romuva is the 

oldest functioning cinema in Kau-

nas and an inspirational example of 

Modernist architecture. by 2022 the 

reconstruction of the cinema will be 

completed and it will host 


starevich animation Laboratory and a 

special European film repertoire;


Kaunas Sports Hall which was built in 

1939 and hosted one of the first Euro-

pean Men’s basketball Championships 

will be converted into a multifunc-

tional events space by 2018. We plan 

to use this space for contemporary cir-

cus and dance performances; 


— another important location for Kau-

nas 2022 programme is the renais-


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