“The Answer to the Ultimate Question to the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything!” 2012 Mark Pitrone and Fulfilling Torah Ministries

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“The Answer to the Ultimate Question to the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything!” ©2012 Mark Pitrone and Fulfilling Torah Ministries

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  • What brought the idea of this teaching to mind was the fact that the 14th camp of the 42 camps of Israel in the Exodus was at Kadesh Barnea, whence Moshe sent the spies into the land. This brought to mind that Yeshua’s genealogy in Matthew is broken into 3 sets of 14, or 42 generations.


  • Is there a connection?

  • Were there 3 sets of 14 camps in the Wilderness Adventure that can be illustrated by the 3 sets of 14 generations in Moshiach’s genealogy?

  • Or do the 42 camps provide an illustration of the ancestry of Yeshua as seen in the 42 generations mentioned in Matthew 1?

  • Or both?

  • Or something else entirely?

  • Or nothing at all?



  • We’ll just use the meanings of the names of the places where Israel camped and the names of Yeshua’s progenitors, and see if we can find a connection. If I am able to see connections, they may seem a stretch into the mystical, but let’s face it; the idea that we hold the very Word of Y’hovah in our hands might seem a stretch into the mystical, don’t you think?


  • As I share what I find, it will not be an exhaustive revelation. YOU may see a connection I don’t. PLEASE record it somehow or if you think it is salient, get my attention and share it.

  • I do not have a lock on all Truth. Be Bereans; check me out.

First Stop

  • The first stop was at Succoth to retrieve Yoseph’s bones for burial in Shechem, where Ya’acov’s well is. The word Succoth means ‘booths’ or ‘temporary shelters”. Some say this was the site of the treasure city of Egypt, where men came from all over the world to do business with Egypt.

First Stop

  • It makes sense that Yoseph, who had been the main businessman for Paroh, would be embalmed and buried there. This corresponds well with the 1st generation mentioned in Matt.1, Avraham, who dwelt in Sukkoth all his Ivrit life. We never see Avraham living in a city or even a house in Canaan (he did visit briefly in Abimelech’s house a couple of times).

First Stop

  • Hebrews 11 tells us

  • 8 By faith Avraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.

First Stop

  • So we can see a correspondence there. Avi would not live in any permanent dwelling in his flesh.

Second Stop

  • The 2nd stop was Etham, which is at the head of the Wadi Watir that leads through a sheer valley to the beach at Pi-Hahiroth (the 3rd stop), modern Nuweiba. Etham is possibly another form of Khetam, an Egyptian word meaning ‘fortress’, which makes sense.

Second Stop

  • If an invading force came ashore at Pi-Hahiroth (the only place on the Egyptian Aqaba littoral where an invader could hope to put an army ashore) and traveled up the Wadi to attack Egypt, this would be the way they’d HAVE to come. There were only 2 ways in or out; here or at Pi-Hahiroth.

Second Stop

  • The valley’s walls were almost sheer 90° cuts, punctuated by smaller wadis entering along its route. This stop would correspond in Matt.1 to Yitzhak, who was the entryway to the fulfillment of the promise Y’hovah had made to Avraham in Gen.15. Etham was the only way to Egypt’s flanks.

Third Stop

  • 3rd stop was Pi-Hahiroth (H6367), mouth of the gorges. Looking at satellite images of Wadi Watir one can see at LEAST a dozen ‘tributary’ wadis emptying into it, so it is quite literally ‘the mouth of the gorges’. These smaller wadis were inaccessible to the body of Israel.

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