The Sokol Invitational

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The Sokol Invitational

The Sokol Invitational




Hiland Park Country Club 

Queensbury, NY  

Saturday, October 8, 2016 


11:30am -  Lunch 


1:00pm - Shotgun Start




$100 per player includes greens fees,  

cart, lunch and a spectacular dinner.



Great Prizes & Give-aways 


Following the Tournament, there will be a Live Auction & Raffle  


Late-night fun will include Games of Chance, so bring some extra cash! 


Any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at  

(518) 832-6124 or 



Saturday, October 8, 2016 - Shotgun Start at 1:00pm 


The following golfers will attend this event representing: 




YES, I have a foursome (my players are listed above). Enclosed is my check payable to Prospect Foundation or    

       Please bill my: Visa or MC #_________________________________Expiration Date ___________CVC_______ 


I would like to show my additional support by sponsoring a Tee or Hole sign for $100 per sign. 


*Please include your logo or information you would like to have printed on the sign. 


NO, I cannot play, but I would like to make a dollar donation or donate an item for auction to benefit the  


Prospect Center: $_________________ Item: _______________________________________ 

Please mail or fax your registration form to:  Prospect Foundation 

133 Aviation Road, Queensbury, NY 12804 

(518) 832-6124 Fax (518) 792-7913 
















21st Annual 




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Prospect Center 

133 Aviation Road 

Queensbury, NY  12804 

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his fla

p first)


(Fold this flap second, tape shut, place a stamp on, and mail) 

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