The University of Iowa Engagement Corps Funded by the Year of Public Engagement

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The University of Iowa Engagement Corps

Engagement Corps Objectives

  • Acquaint newly hired and promoted faculty with their home state

  • Enhance awareness of actual and potential connections between the UI and the state

  • Engender a better understanding of the economic, social and cultural condition of Iowa

  • Promote interaction among faculty across ranks and disciplines

Engagement Corps Participants

Engagement Corps Participants

  • Jerry Anthony, Urban and Regional Planning

  • Mercedes Bern-Klug Social Work

  • Lucinda Buys Pharmacy

  • Patricia Clinton, Nursing

  • Minnetta Gardinier Pharmacology

  • Nagi Gabraeel Industrial Engineering

  • Paul Hanley, Urban and Regional Planning

  • Kathleen Hanson Nursing

Engagement Corps Itinerary

Engagement Corps Itinerary

Storm Lake Story Swap

Engagement Corps Itinerary

Western Iowa Tech

Orpheum Theatre

Woodbury County Courthouse

Woodbury County Courthouse

Follow-up Activities

  • Sioux City Historic Preservation representative will travel to Iowa City to present to students and faculty in Urban and Regional Planning and to the City of Iowa City

  • Continued funding of the program from the Provost’s office for another 2-3 year pilot program

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