Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment Assignment Brief 2

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AAB Business and the Business Environment Assignment 2

Assignment activity and guidance

Completion of the project will involve a PESTLE analysis to research the fashion retail market, develop insights and predict future growth potential in new markets.

The project will also involve a SWOT analysis to determine the company position in the marketplace and the potential opportunities for distribution expansion while minimising risks and threats

Your presentation will include the findings from an external and an internal audit:

• a SWOT analysis to explore and explain the organisation’s internal strengths and weaknesses as a company

• a PESTLE analysis to identify positive and negative impacts of external factors and influences on the food retail market, including level of competition, funding activity, legal complexity and investment opportunity available

• critical analysis of both the external and internal factors, to determine whether the organisation should proceed with their expansion plans, presented as conclusions and recommendations.

Recommended Resources

Please note that the resources listed are examples for you to use as a starting point in your research the list is not definitive.


BPlan How to Do a SWOT Analysis for Better Strategic Planning. Available at: https://articles. bplans.com/how-to-perform-swot-analysis

Business Balls Swot Analysis Templates. Available at:


Pestle Analysis.com What is PESTLE Analysis? Available at:


Swot analysis of Nike. Available at:


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