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Working Life

What is an employer?

  • A person or firm who pays people to do work for them.

Rights of Employers

  • To set up a business and employ suitable staff.
  • To decide on the aims and objectives of the business.
  • To dismisss dishonest staff.

Responsibilities of Employers

  • Provide safe & healthy work conditions.
  • Pay agreed wages for work done.
  • Obey employment laws.
  • Keep records of PAYE & PRSI deducted.

Reasons for keeping employee records

  • If employee is:
  • Seeking promotion
  • Claiming unfair dismissal
  • Being made redundant
  • Revenue commissioners - (PAYE/PRSI)

Job Advertisement needs to have:

  • Name of the employer
  • Position to be filled
  • Qualifications and experience of the candidate
  • How to apply
  • Closing date
  • A statement saying that the company is an equal opportunities employer

Information given on CV

  • Personal Details: Name, age etc…..
  • Educational achievements
  • Work experience
  • Hobbies/interests/achievements
  • Name of referees


1. Job Description and Person Specification

  • Duties.
  • Qualifications needed.
  • Personality needed.
  • Pay & hours.

2. Recruitment

  • Find out what staff you need.
  • Advertise the job.

3. Examine CV’s (curriculum vitae) and Application Forms

  • Look at all the replies to the advertisement.

4. Shortlist

  • Call the best candidates for interview.

5. Interview & Select

  • Face to face meeting to decide if the candidate is suitable.

6. Probationary Period

  • A trial period to see if the new employee is suitable.

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