Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

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Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

In recent years, distance teaching and learning has become increasingly popular among the learners and this is recognized differently by learners. Many students perceive this as a helpful in learning while others think that they are not as much effective as classroom teaching. This essay will examine about the merits and demerits of distant learning.

Firstly, it gives lot of chance to learn, each time and anywhere with the aid of using your laptop, mobile phone and laptop but you can not feel natural education atmosphere and it refers that study room or campus life impact to the life of learners in their behavioural personality and environmental thinking of science.

Furthermore , distance learning makes your opportunities larger without wasting time and provides a flexible timing and less budgeted learning for students. They are able to learn their desire course and subjects on time which is suitable for them. This gives a great opportunity for learners to gain new skills and strengthen their knowledge level staying in their own place.

On the other hand, some people think, distance learning is as if they are on vacation but they are also studying. This vacation mood might make them learning nothing and it's easy to get bored you only meet your computer everyday when you are in distance learning. No wonder, boredom come easily.

Overall, it may be said don’t think of getting a degree through distance education but you can use it to learn something new. Nothing can not replace of face to face teaching and learning.

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