Before coming the prophecy people prayed to idols

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Our Prophet
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Our Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was born about in the year 570 of Rabi al-avval in Makah. His father's name was Abdullah. Abdullah died about six months before he was born. His mother's name was Amina. Grandfather's name was Abdulmutallib . Grandmother's name was Fatima. His full name is Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdulmutallib ibn Hashim ibn Abdumannaf ibn Qusay ibn Kilab ibn Murra ibn Kaab ibn Luay ibn Galib ibn Fihir ibn Malik ibn Nazr ibn Kinana ibn Khuzayma ibn Mudika ibn Ilyas ibn Nizar ibn Maad ibn Adnan. The name Muhammad p.b.u.h is mentioned in the Quran four times: Ali-Imron (144), Ahzab, Fath (29), and Muhammad (2), and in the surah Saf his name Ahmad was revealed.

Muhammad p.b.u.h belonged to the Bany Hashim clan, and Quraysh tribe. His kunya was Abul Qasim.

His midwife's name is Shifa bint Amr. Muhammad p.b.u.h stayed with suckling mother Halima bint Abu Zuvayb, until he was two years old. His mother Aminah died when Muhammad p.b.u.h was 6 years old. Muhammad p.b.u.h was under the care of his grandfather Abdulmutallib . Muhammad's p.b.u.h suckling nurse was Ummu Aymana.

When His grandfather died, his uncle Abu Talib grew him up. When he was young he looked after his uncle's herd. After, he became a merchant. Muhammad p.b.u.h traveled with his uncle Abu Talib for a business journey to Syria. In Busra they met a monk Buhayra. Buhayra told Abu Talib, that this boy was the master of all humanity.

His first marriage was with Khadija. He lived with her alone for twenty five years. It was the pume time of his married life. She was 40 years old. When she married Muhammad p.b.u.h. He was 25 Khadija is the mother of muslims. They lived happly .

His children from Khadija names were Qasim, Zaynab, Ruqayya, Ummu Kulsum, Fotima and Abdullah.

Before coming the prophecy people prayed to idols.

In pre-islamic period there were 360 idols in Ka'bah: Ad, Manat, Uzzo..

Muhammad p.b.u.h began to pray alone in the cave Hira on the mount Jabal an- noor.

The first surah which was revealed was the first oyahs of the surah " Alaq". This time Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was frightened when Khadija heard this they went to her cousin Varaqa ibn Navfal when he listened to what happened. He said: This is the Nomus which was revealed to Musa. If I were young and had a power, I would help you when your kin will turn you out.

The second time the surah of Mudassir was revealed. The first who became muslims were: Khadija, Abu Bakr, Ali, Zayd...

He called hiddenly three years. Then, he started to call openly. Most people from Quraysh resisted to him.

End all the Muslims came to Yasrib. When Muhammad p.b.u.h and Abu Bakr Siddik migraded to Madina and Makkans chased them. They climbed on the Savr. They lived there 3 days.

Suraka ibn Malik pursued him. Muhammad p.b.u.h and Abu Bakr Siddik knew that Suraka ibn Molik chased them. And Muhammad p.b.u.h said:

- Please, Allah stop him.

Then Suraqa ibn Molik's horse sank into the earth.

Surka begged Muhammad p.b.u.h to rescue. Muhammad p.b.u.h prayed to Allah to save him. Suraka ibn Molik trusted in Muhammad p.b.u.h that he was real a Prophet. He accepted Islam at that moment. He believed in Allah.

In the second year of hijrah on Ramadan 17 there was a battle which was named war of Badr. In this war 314 muslims defeated thousand enemies. Allah named this day "The day of Furqon" it war finished with muslim's victory.

In 628 Muhammad p.b.u.h with his sahabahs went to Makkah to pilgrimage. But pagans didn't allow them to enter the city. This time they signed the conciliation, which was named conciliation of Hudaybiya. They agreed not to attack each other.

After two years pagans broke this concilition. In 630 Prophet p.b.u.h with his sahabahs conquered Makka and 360 idols were broken.

Our Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h died on Monday 8,9,10,12 June, 632 in Madina at the age of 63.

Our Prophet p.b.u.h died in the house of his wife Aisha and there he was buried.
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