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Computer Problems


  • Depending on the size of the computer's memory, the speed of operations per second, the representation of data in the grid (cells) can be divided into five groups:
  • - supercomputers (Super Computer);
  • - block computers (Manframe Computer);
  • - Minicomputers;
  • - personal computers (PC-Personal Computer);
  • - notebook computers.


  • dust inside the processor

  • in which case the compressor is cleaned by spraying air.

    the main problem is disconnecting and reconnecting its devices

  • connecting devices using a cable

  • connecting the devices using a cable will cause short circuits.

    in this case, some devices fail and need to be replaced.

  • the inconvenience of audio speakers

  • The speaker requires space The speaker requires space emits an alarm when various magnetic devices approach


  • The first problem of a laptop computer is that it can break if you try too hard on it
  • The operating time is limited, ie the charge lasts up to 3 hours
  • The micro partsessor cannot be replaced
  • cooling system

  • if the cooling system fails, it must be completely replaced in this case, the laptop will open completely and the device cabels may be damaged

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