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  • Concept

    • Hartford, CT has major power interruptions caused by storms resulting in loss of community services even with emergency generators
    • Parkville cluster provides essential community services in one on-site and two off-site locations
    • Services include: school, library, senior center, health center, grocery store and gasoline station

  • Grocery Store

  • Gasoline Station

City of Hartford, Department of Public Works – customer

    • City of Hartford, Department of Public Works – customer
    • Weston and Sampson – customer’s energy consultant
    • Bloom Energy – fuel cell design and construction
    • Constellation – overall design and project management, fuel cell and MicroGrid site design / interconnect and construction / system owner
    • GI Energy / Van Zelm Engineers / Environmental Systems Design – Constellation’s consultants
    • Eversource – MicroGrid design, construction and operation
    • Connecticut Natural Gas – design and construction of high pressure gas line

    • DEEP MicroGrid Grant - $2,063,000
      • “Funding provided by a grant from the State of Connecticut administered by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)”
    • City Financing (Municipal Bonds) - $1,300,000
    • Financial Incentives
      • Low Emission Renewable Energy Credits (LRECs)
      • Virtual Net Metering (VNM)
    • Overall energy savings over current utility rates (projected) - $500,000

  • Site clearing Underground Utilities

  • Fuel Cell Operational

Contact Information

  • Contact Information

    • Antonio J. Matta
    • City Architect
    • Hartford, CT
    • (860) 757-9982

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