For the future of fencing

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Facilitating international popularization of fencing and raising 

it to a higher level worldwide.


To create conditions favoring successful and dynamic 

development of fencing on all continents of the globe.


Boosting viewer interest in fencing.

Getting the public at large involved in fencing, including 

children, students, and physically challenged individuals.

Raising the organizational, methodological, and material level 

of low-budget and newly-formed national fencing federations.

Enhancing the professional qualifications of referees, coaches, 

and fencing specialists.

Ensuring the participation of gifted fencers of any national 

fencing federation in official International Fencing Federation 

(FIE) tournaments.

Strengthening the methodological and material resources of 


Getting all types of fencing to be included in the Olympic 

Games and securing 12 sets of medals for fencing sport.


Making charitable donations with a view to accomplishing the 

Fund’s aims and goals.

Methods of 




There is hope for a better future in fencing. 

During the FIE congress in December 2008, a new president was elected, 

the founder of ICF “For the Future of Fencing”, Mr. Alisher Usmanov. He 

is a person who sincerely loves fencing, and puts all his effort into the 

development of this sport. 

A clear example of this is the work of ICF in all the continents.

Since 2005, the main objective of ICF is to support all the National Fencing 

Federations worldwide, which has been accomplished with success .

This year was no exception.  All the events with the participation of ICF 

during 2009 were carried out with the help of FIE, and without a doubt, 

the realization of all the International Seminars and Camps of the highest 

level, are the result of the hard work of ICF “For the Future of Fencing” in 

conjunction with FIE.

Mr. Alisher Usmanov

President of FIE and founder of ICF



The President of the Association of National Olympic Committees 

(ANOC) and the Pan-American Olympic Committee (PASO)  Mr. 

Mario Vazquez  Raña was awarded on behalf of  FIE with a 

commemorative present for his practical help in the development 

of fencing in the Pan-American continent. Mr. Mario Vazquez  

Raña  is  the Honorary President of ICF “For The Future Of 






Saharan dust off the west coast of Africa

Photo property of NASA

Confédération Africaine d’Escrime

Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor

BP 11

122 Dakar, Sénégal

President: Mbagnick Ndiaye

International Coaching Seminar

for the coaches from the African Continet

From June 10 to 17, 2009 in Dakar, Senegal, the International Coaching Seminar of Fencing for the Coaches From the African 

Continent was carried out. This seminar was organized by ICF in conjunction with FIE.

24 coaches from 17 countries attended this seminar, taking lessons during the morning and the afternoon. There was special 

attention to the theoretical part of the seminar, according to the coaches’ needs. The lessons were divided in three subjects:

Dakar, 10/06 - 17/06

-Fencing teaching methodology for beginners.

-Training process planning for athletes with different technical levels.

-Annual work plan development for coaches.

African coaches in a theoretical lesson.

International Coaching Seminar, part of fencing development.



In all the lessons, the main objective was the organization and fulfillment of training for rookies, teaching methods for individuals, 

and exercises in pairs as one of the main methods for preparing the fencer.

All the attendants were actively participating in diverse debates and analysis about various issues suggested during the lessons.

At the end of the seminar, each coach received a diploma.

Mr. Mbagnik, the president of the African Fencing Confederation said that this seminar was a very important event for the African 

continent, and for the first time it was carried out with this amount of participants. Also, Mr. Mbagnik expressed his gratitude to 

the president of FIE, Mr. Alisher Usmanov, for his attention at the development of fencing in the African continent.

Seminar participants during practical trainig.

Future fencing champions.

Training session.



African Fencing Championship

With the African Fencing Confederation invitation, the president 

of ICF “For the Future of Fencing” Mr. Vitaly Logvin participated 

in  the  African  Fencing  Championship,  and  memorial  for              

Mr. Barkaba.

For the first time, this championship took place in Senegal, with 

a good organization from the African Fencing Confederation, 

with help from the International Fencing Federation (FIE).  In 

this event, for the first time in history, 14 countries participated, 

being a record for the continent.

Dakar, 06/08 - 10/08

Fencers in a duel.

Many African  countries  participated  for  the  first  time  in  the 

African  Fencing  Championship,  thanking  FIE  and  the African 

Fencing Confederation for this great opportunity.

At  this  moment,  African  fencing  is  at  the  first  stage  in  the 

process of its development.

During  the  closing  ceremony  of  the 

seminar, and as a part of the philanthropy 

program for the National Federations of 

the African continent, ICF sent to Dakar 

100  sets  of  fencing  material.  This  is  a 

total of 100 suits, 100 masks, 100 electric 

epee, 100 electric cords, 100 gloves. This 

was  divided  in  20  jumbo  fencing  bags, 

with 5 sets in each bag. Each one of the 

representatives  of  the  National  Fencing 

Federations  received  5  sets  of  fencing 

material from ICF and FIE. 

This ICF initiative in conjunction with FIE, 

gave  the  African  National  Federations 

the possibility of increasing the amount 

of athletes in their fencing clubs.

Fencing Material Donation

Fencing sets for African Federations.

Electronic equipment.



During  his  visit,  Mr.  Vitaly  Logvin  had 

a  meeting  with  the  Minister  of  Youth, 

Sports,  &  Recreation,  Mr.  Mamadou 

Lamine Keita. In this meeting, they talked 

some  issues  about  the  development  of 

fencing in the African continent. Another 

important  aspect  of  this  meeting  was 

the  discussion  of  a  future  project  for 

the  existence  of  a  professional  fencing 

preparation in a major level. 

In  this  meeting,  Mr.  Logvin  presented    

Mr. Lamine 20 fencing suits for trainers, 

which  were  given  later  to  the  national 

fencing federations of Africa.

This  continent  has  an  enormous 

potential  to  create  world  class  athletes 

just  as  Olympic  medal  winners.  With 

the  development  programs  of  FIE  and 

ICF,  and  the  active  and  permanent 

participation  of  the  African  Fencing 

Confederation, there is a great possibility 

of reaching this objective.

For the memory of Mr. Barkaba




Yucatan peninsula and Central America

Photo property of NASA

Confederacion Panamericana de Esgrima

Av. Anillo Periferico y Av. del Conscripto

Col. Lomas de Sotelo, Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo

Mexico, D.F.

President: Jorge Castro Rea

International Fencing Course

From  March  23  to  30,  2009,  in  San  Salvador,  El  Salvador,  a 

very important event for fencing in Latin America took place. 

Thanks  to  the  support  of  Mr. Alisher  Usmanov,  president  of 

the International Fencing Federation, the International Fencing 

Course was carried out, with the presence of the president of 

the Salvadoran Olympic Committee, Mr. Eduardo Palomo,  as 

well as the Prime Minister of Sports, Mr. Jorge Hernandez Isussi, 

who were honored to carry out this course in coordination with 

the Salvadoran Fencing Federation, and with the support of FIE 

and ICF.

San Salvador, 23/03 - 30/03

Participants during practice.

This event broke the record of attendants, with 24 participaiting 

countries  with  the  purpose  of  helping  the  development  of 

fencing  in  the  Panamerican  area.  During  the  course,  the 

participants  took  classes  two  times  a  day,  in  the  morning 

and  in  the  afternoon. The  program  included  both  theoretical 

and practical classes. The participants received knowledge in 

training  psychology  and  methodology,  training  planning  for 

individual  and  team  practice,  and  as  an  important  objective, 

they learned how to teach individual classes to rookie athletes.

Panamerican Fencing Championship, part of fencing development.



Participant with her diploma.

Course attendants.

Each  one  of  the  participants 

took a test about the lessons 

they  learned,  and  at  the 

end  of  the  course,  they  got 

diplomas  for  the  knowledge 

they received.

During the International Seminar in El Salvador, according to the support and development program for the National Fencing 

Federations in the Panamerican continent, ICF “For the Future of Fencing”, together with FIE, organized a special event to donate 

fencing material. During this event, the representatives of each federation received 5 fencing suits, 5 masks, 6 electric weapons, 

10 gloves, 6 electric cords, and one jumbo fencing bag.

In total, 120 suits, 120 masks, 150 electric weapons, 250 gloves, 150 electric cords, and 25 jumbo fencing bags were donated. 

This is one more step forward for the future of fencing in the Panamerican continent.

Fencing Material Donation

Fencing sets for Panamerican Federations.



Panamerican Fencing Championship

From July 2 to 9, 2009, the Panamerican Fencing Championship 

took  place  in  El  Salvador,  San  Salvador,  where  18  countries 

participated. This is a record of participation in a Panamerican 


The ICF “For the Future of Fencing” had an active participation 

in  the  organization  and  fulfillment  of  this  championship, 

according to the 2009 work program. ICF provided 3 sets of 

San Salvador, 02/07 - 09/07

Championship facilities.

electronic  score  machines,  and  3 All  Star  metallic  strips.  For 

the referee video support, an agreement was made with the 

company “Fencing Pictures” (with license of Swiss Timing).

 As a result of hard work, the organization committee, together 

with all the parts involved, carried out a successful event.

Panamerican Fencing Confederation Congress

15 national federations from the Pan-American continent took part in the congress. The congress addressed various issues and 

topics related to the development of fencing in the continent. The president of the Panamerican Confederation, Mr. J. Castro, told 

the participants about the FIE Executive Committee meeting in Budapest. He also announced a project to develop the continental 

confederations. A highlighted issue was the invitation of the Presidents of National Fencing Federations to the FIE Congress in 

Palermo and the athletes to the World Fencing Championships in Antalya, Turkey. This message caused very positive reactions 

from all participants and some words of gratitude from various National Fencing Federations to FIE. At the Congress, countries 

candidates were selected for the 2010 Pan-American championships. The final decision on this matter will be taken in November 

2009. The Congress has passed in a good friendly atmosphere.




15 national federations from the Pan-American continent took part in the congress. The 

congress addressed various issues and topics related to the development of fencing on the 

continent.  President  of  Confederation  Mr.  J.Kastro  told  to  the  participants  about  FIE 

Executive  Committee  meeting  in  Budapest  he  also  announced  a  project  to  develop  the 

continental confederations. A highlighted issue was the invitation of  Presidents  of  NFF 

for the FIE Congress in Palermo and the athletes  at the world fencing championships in 

Antalya,  this message has caused very  positive reactions from all participants and some   

words of gratitude from various NFF to FIE. At the Congress, countries candidates were 

selected for the 2010 Pan-American championships, the final decision on this matter will 

be taken in November 2009. The Congress has passed in a good friendly atmosphere. 


San Salvador, 04/07

Active participation during the congress.



Mr. David Munguia, Honorary Member

For the active help to the FIE and  ICF related to the organization and conduct of international forums, seminars and conferences 

on fencing at the Pan-American continent, the Minister of Defense and President of the Fencing Federation of Salvador, General 

David Munguia  has been made an Honorary Member of ICF “For The Future  of Fencing”. On behalf of the President of the 

International Fencing Federation and Founder of the International Charity Foundation “For The Future  of Fencing” Mr. Alisher 

Usmanov, the general David Munguia was awarded with a special present.

San Salvador

Grand Opening of the championship.




Northern Asia covered by snow.

Photo property of NASA

Fencing Confederation of Asia

Fencing Centre, PSC-Philsports Complex, Meralco Avenue

Pasig City, 104


President: Celso Dayrit

From 18 to 25 May, 2009, in Alma Ata was held an International Training Seminar for fencing coaches from Asia. The seminar was 

attended by 35 representatives from 20 national federations of fencing. The learning process for the trainers was organized at the 

highest professional level. This is the third International Fencing Seminar, held in Alma Ata for the past 3 years.  All the participants 

took the course with much attention and enthusiasm. They all participated actively in the theoretical and practical sessions, where 

specific issues about the development of the fencing in Asia were discussed.

Following the development and support program during the course, the ICF, together with FIE, gave a total of 100 fencing suits, 

100 masks, 100 electric weapons, 100 electric cords, 100 gloves, and 20 jumbo fencing bags to the representatives of the fencing 

federations in Asia.

All  participants  expressed  their  gratitude  to  the  organizers  of  the  seminar  and  especially  to  the  President  of  FIE  Mr. Alisher 

Usmanov  for  the  opportunity  to  participate  in  the  seminar  where  they  received  new  technical  knowledge  for  coaching  and      

fencing material for their National Fencing Federations.

Fencing sets for Asian Federations.

International Coaching Seminar

for Fencing Coaches from Asia

Alma-Ata, 18/05 - 25/05

Fencing material.




European lights at night.

Photo property of NASA

Confédération Européenne d’Escrime

Hainbuchenweg 21

D-82 194 Groebenzell-Muenchen


President: Frantisek Janda

Sabre on Ice & Fire

Reykjavik, 01/06 - 07/06

ICF “For  future  of  fencing”  in  conjunction  with  the  FIE  and  the  Fencing  Federation  of  Iceland,  successfully  carried  out  the 

international event “Sabre on Ice & Fire”, held in Reykjavik, Iceland. From June 01 to 07, this event had 5 activities: International 

training camp, Viking Cup 2009, seminar for referees, fencing demonstration show, and daily video capsules with a documental 

video about this project. 

Special guests to this event were: member of the FIE executive committee Mrs. Velichka Kristeva, president of the FIE Promotion 

Commision Mr. Frantisek Janda, and president of the Nordic Fencing Union Mr. Jørgen Kjøller. In addition to these guests, the event 

also had the presence of the member of the FIE executive committee Mr. Max Geuter, as the official FIE representative.

Artistic fencing demonstration, part of fencing development.

The International Training Camp was carried out with great success and at a high professionl level, being the pinnacle of the 

event the Master Class taught also by the 4 time Olympic champion Mr. Stanislav Pozdniakov.

Master Class by Olympic champion S. Pozdniakov.



The Sabre on Ice & Fire event involved 

representatives from 24 countries from 

all 5 continents. The main objective of 

the project is to promote saber fencing 

around the world, especially in small 

countries and places where saber is not 

a tradition. Showing the sport to the 

fencing community around the globe in 

a different way of popularization, and 

carrying out a fencing demonstration 

show during an official FIFA match 

between Iceland and Holland with 

15,000 spectators being the most 

important activities. The fencing show 

was performed by World Champions 

at artistic fencing from Russia, and 

also had the participation of 22 

athletes, headed Olympic champion S. 


Sabre on Ice & Fire participants.

Fencing camp participants.

Fencing camp trainig.

Fencing show during official FIFA match.

Sightseeing in Iceland – The Golden Circle.



“Pro Olymp 2” Program

According  to  the  2009  work  program  of  the  International 

Charity Foundation “For the Future of Fencing”, from September 

5 to 11, the International Fencing Camp for junior athletes “Pro 

Olymp 2” took place in Luxembourg, with 52 participants from 

20 countries. 

The Camp was teached by six coaches from Germany, England, 

Luxembourg, and Latvia, headed by Olympic champion Naila 

Guilazaba from Russia, as the first coach.

This  International  Camp  was  held  in  “D´Coque”  National 

Sports and Culture Center of Luxembourg. The athletes had the 

chance to train using all the facilities of this center, including 

swimming  pools,  weights  gymnasium,  and  the  main  arena, 

specially for free combat and control competitions.

Luxembourg, 05/09 - 11/09

D’Coque main arena.

This project is contemplated for the Olympic cycle, as it helps 

the  smaller  federations,  and  the  popularization  of  fencing 

across Europe.

What distinguishes this project is that at the end of the camp, 

the athletes took part in the World Fencing Championship in 

Luxembourg during September 12 and 13.

The main aim of the Pro Olymp program are the junior sportsmen 

that for the next 10 to 15 years are the ones who will promote 

the fencing across the world. All of the participants are proud 

of being part of the Pro Olymp 2 project.

I am part of Pro-Olymp 2.

Junior athletes.



D´Coque  is  one  of  the  best  and  most  modern  recreative  centers  in  Europe.  Because  of  this,  the  ICF  together  with  FIE,  are 

considering the possibility of making an extraordinary international event in this complex.

Participants training.




Pro-Olymp 2 athletes and officials.

World Fencing Championships 2009

Antalya, 30/09 - 08/10

The president of the International Fencing Federation, Mr. Alisher Usmanov, granted a special prize fund for the medal winners of 

the World Fencing Championship 2009 in Antalya, Turkey.

The amount of all the prizes was 234,000.00 USD

Medal and certificate winners.

Individual competitions:

1st place, gold certificate: 10,000 USD

2nd place, silever certificate: 5,000 USD

3rd place, bronze certificate: 3,000 USD

Team competitions:

1st place, gold certificate: 10,000 USD

2nd place, silver certificate: 5,000 USD

3rd place, bronze certificate: 3,000 USD

Special prize certificates.



During 2009, the International Charity Foundation “For the Future of Fencing”, in 

conjunction with FIE, realized a great work supporting the development of fencing 

across the world. Among all the activities, seven important events were carried out for 

the National Fencing Federations. 

According to the program for the development of fencing, three important international 

seminars were organized for the preparation of coaches: the first one during March 

in San Salvador, El Salvador for the American continent, the second one in Alma Ata, 

Kazakhstan, for the Asian continent, during May, and the third one in Dakar, Senegal 

in  June,  for  the African  continent,  where  107  coaches  from  61  National  Fencing 

Federations from these continents learned techniques, tactics and methodologies of 

coaching. The Foundation, together with FIE made an important donation of three 

complete electronic score machines and three metallic strips, as well as the video 

recording for referee support for the International Panamerican Championship in El 

Salvador in August. Thanks to these donations, the Salvadoran Fencing Federation 

had the opportunity to accomplish a very well organized Championship, respecting 

the regulations of FIE. This championship had the participation of 18 countries from 

the American continent. 

Following the motivation and support program for small Fencing Federations with 

low  budget,  the  ICF  in  conjunction  with  FIE  organized  three  International  Camps 

in Iceland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, where 176 representative athletes 

from 27 National Federations from all continents were invited. The events in Iceland 

and Luxembourg had a very special program. At the end of the camps, the athletes 

had  the  fantastic  chance  to  participate  immediately  in  important  events  as World 

Championships and the Viking Cup.

284 athletes and coaches from 81 National Fencing Federations had the chance to 

participate in different events. 340 fencing suits, 320 masks, 350 electric weapons, 

450 gloves, 350 electric cords, and 65 jumbo fencing bags was the material that ICF 

gave to 61 National Federations across the world.

For the future of fencing.

ICF Activities around the world




Always commited

to the sport we love!

Povarskaya str. 26

Moscow, Russia



Photos in front and back cover, pages 40, 43 by Serge Timacheff.

Photos in pages 7, 17, 27, 31 property of NASA.

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