Group: 18. 69 Joraev Javohir Activity №1

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15. Activity
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Group: 18.69 Joraev Javohir

Activity № 1

A game “Gossip”

Make up examples using verbs describing themselves. They stand in a circle. And turn by turn say , e.g : My name is Nick, I’veread a book, the second student repeats his words: He is Nick, he has read a book and I’m Jane, I have seen the film. …. In such way they remember and learn many verbs.

Activity № 2

Make up examples using and distinguishing between

them Participle I and Participle II Participle I to work — working

to read — reading to do — doing to stay — staying

Participle II

to write — written

to think — thought

to come —come

Activity № 4

Working on exercises

Write participle I

To read- reading

To stand - standing

To study - studying

To make - making

To give - giving

To sit - sitting

To get - got

Write participle II

To read- reading

To stand - stund

To study - studied

To make - made

To give - gave

To sit - sat

To get - got


Activity № 5


Translate the following sentences from English into Russia

In English

In Russia


A broken cup was lying on the table

На столе сломанная чашка.


All books taken from the library must be returned next week.

На следующей неделе все книги должны быть возвращены в библиотеку.


She is looking at the woman sitting at the window

Она смотрела на женщину сидящую возле окна.


Knowing the English langugage well, he was able to translate newspaper articles without a dictionary

Знание английского было хорошим он переводил статьи из газеты без словаря.


He sat at the table thinking

Он сидел на столе задумчиво.

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