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Faculty: Economics and Management
in ICT Department: Management and
Marketing Academic year: 2022-2023.
Academic supervisor: professor, prof. K. Shin
Student: MM Shirinova

Features of electronic commerce in the field of payment services

Justification of the topic of the dissertation and its relevance. In this master's dissertation, the role of e- commerce features in the field of payment services, their functions and characteristics, opportunities and problems in the effective use of payment services in the development of e-commerce are described in detail.

The rapid growth of e-commerce initiatives in the world today reflects the benefits of improved government efficiency, cheaper cost structure, greater flexibility, greater scope of services, transparency and faster transactions. In order to achieve the strategic goal of innovative development of Uzbekistan, the study of foreign experience and the proposed solutions for organizing the rapid growth of e-commerce show the relevance of my research.

Nowadays, e-commerce is the most convenient and easy way for representatives of any network to find customers. Concepts such as Internet stores and online shopping have become quite popular in our life. Such sales, which were once a sign of "extreme modernity", today have become convenient purchases for residents, and one of the sources of business development for entrepreneurs.
The importance of the development of e-commerce in the country's economy is even more important. In the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026, it is planned to make the digital economy the main "driver" of economic development and to increase its volume by at least 2.5 times, in which e-commerce occupies one of the main places.

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