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Copyright 1994 
Gary R. Low, Ph.D. 
Darwin B. Nelson, Ph.D.
The Good Darts book and "Dart Improvement Program" are protected by 
copyright law. No part of the book or program may be reproduced, stored in a 
retrieval system, or transmitted in any other form or by any means, electronic, 
mechanical, photocopying, microfilm, recording, or otherwise, without written 
permission from the authors. Without fail, dart players illegally copying parts of 
the program have become terminally cursed and have been observed throwing an 
inordinate number of l s and 5s at crucial points during match play. 
Darwin and Gary grew up together and have been close friends for forty years. As 
consulting psychologists, they have developed, researched, and authored positive 
assessment and life skills development programs that are used internationally in 
business, education, and clinical settings. In this book and program, they have 
applied their Personal Skills Development Model to improve their dart games and 
to put more fun in their lives. Their hope is that the Good Darts program will 
encourage you to do the same. 

The ability to throw Good Darts is a highly developed skill involving both 
technical and psychological skills. As authors and psychologists, we love darts 
more than any other game or sport. We have written this book and developed the 
"Dart Improvement Program" to improve our own skills, increase our own levels 
of personal satisfaction, and share our experiences with others. 
This book and program were designed for beginning and experienced players who 
desire to improve their dart game. Skills and information presented apply to both 
steel and soft tip darts. However, the book was written primarily for the steel tip 
game of darts. Other books and video programs tend to feature world class 
players and illustrate models of play requiring years of practice and competitive 
tournament play. In contrast, this book and program are for the many people who 
want to play a self-satisfying game of darts, enjoy the fun of league play, and 
systematically develop their game to a highly competitive level. 
The Good Darts book and the "Dart Improvement Program" were designed to 
teach the technical and psychological skills essential for competitive dart play. In 
the broadest sense, throwing good darts is the result of learning and 
applying self-mastery skills. Few players disagree with the idea that the mental 
aspects of the game are the most important. Thus, we have tried to achieve a 
balance with the emphasis on technical and psychological skills. Our primary goal 
was to provide a basic program that anyone could follow to improve his/her game 
of darts. In addition, we hope that the information will allow you to feel good 
about yourself and really have fun with a wonderful game. 

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