My organization and manufacturing. Completed by Masharipov Shohruh

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My organization and manufacturing.

Completed by Masharipov Shohruh.


1. Introduction:

About organization and manufacturing;

The Importance of Time.

2. My future organization;

3. How the organization will serve in the future?;

4. Vacancy;

5. Conclusion.

About organization and manufacturing!

  • Among the characteristics of a company that shapes corporate and therefore manufacturing strategy are its dominant orientation (market or product), a choice between competitive strategies. Once the basic attitudes or priorities are established, the manufacturing arm of a company must arrange its structure and management so as to reinforce these corporate aims. Examining the extremes of “product-focused” and “process-focused” organizations, the authors illustrate the development of a “manufacturing mission” whereby the organization of manufacturing supports management’s needs.

The Importance of Time.

  • Most product manufacturing organizations know the number of new products they release, the number of new specs and drawings they release, and the number of changes they make in any given period of time.

My future organization

  • My future dream is to set up a websites developer organization, this idea began after I got into university. As my field of information technology is concerned, I wanted to create such an organization.

My plan is to create websites for users and any companies.

How the organization will serve in the future?

  • Our organization will help each company to have its own website in the future. My organization's team will consist mainly of programmers. Nowadays, the website is one of the most essential elements, which makes a significant contribution to the development of the Company. We also sell websites through the Internet!


Attention !!! We invite programmers to our developing company! The main task of our company is to create web pages for organizations, so we invite frontend and backend programmers to our company through interviews.

Requirements: Bachelor degree, knowledge of html, css, javascript, react, node js technology and interest in new technologies, knowledge of algorithm.

Salary: agreed salary.

Address: Mustaqillik street, 6-avenue, 101-home.

Rules of the Company


  • All company property shall be treated with due care.

Company property:

  • Smoking is possible only in designated areas, but not in other places. This policy applies to all employees, consultants, developers, customers or members and visitors.


  • Alcoholic beverages are not to be brought onto, or consumed on, company premises.


In the age of information technology today, I believe that it is another step forward. It is not easy to open such an organization, it requires sufficient knowledge and capacity. I am sure that I will create such an organization in the near future!

Thanks for your attention!!!
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