Observatory of Ulugbek astronomical miracle of Uzbekistan

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Observatory of Ulugbek - astronomical miracle of Uzbekistan

Lutfullayev Behruz

Farmatsiya 205-"A"

Samarkand the pearl of the Eastern

Samarkand is one of the most cities-sights in the world

Today Samarkand included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Unique monuments, heritage of scientific and arts schools, artisans workshops are well-known around the world. As other first centers of Samarkand - Observatory of Ulugbek.

Observatory of Ulugbek

  • Among historical monuments of Samarkand observatory constructed by Mirzo Ulugbek in 14 century (1428-1429).
  • By Babur’s words, which saw the observatory, it was three-storied covered with beautiful glazed titles building of round form 46 meters in diameter, 30 meters in height. In the main hall huge instrument was placed for observations of Moon, Sun, and other stars.
  • Observatory was unique construction for its time.The basis of observatory was giant goniometer vertical circle), radius of circle was equal 40,212 meters, and the length of arc was 63 meters. The main instrument-sextant was oriented with amazing exactness by line of meridian from south to north.

Model of Observatory

Today, visitors can see fragments of parallel masonry bars installing and moving astronomic instruments, lying within a 10-meter-deep trench. Stone stairs on either side of the bars were used by the medieval scientists of the observatory for performing measurements.

Fragments of Observatory

Legend about Ulugbek's library

Ulugbek's library was located in observatory. According to historians Ulugbek's library was very rich. Different manuscripts were bought in from other cities. Ulugbek personally took care of the library. The number and type of books kept in the library are unknown. But after Ulugbek's death, traces of the library got lost. However, archeological excavations of the observatory did not discover any books.

To find the legendary library is a long-standing dream of scientists.

2009 as International year of astronomy

  • In 2009 international scientific conference "Mirzo Ulugbek and his scientific contribution in the development of world science" was organized in Samarkand. The conference was dedicated to 615th anniversary of this outstanding astronomer and to the UNESCO's announcement of the year 2009 as International year of astronomy.

Monument of Mirzo Ulugbek in Samarkand

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