Talk Shows from Around the World

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ss-12 conversational features

  • Conversational Interaction
  • Readings:
  • Kachru & Smith, Ch. 8

Talk Shows from Around the World

  • Note the similarities and differences in such conversational features as turn-taking, back-channeling, simultaneous talk, gestures, eye-gaze, etc. among the talk shows in …
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Mexican
  • Philippino
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese

The Structure of Conversation in Outer and Expanding Circle Contexts

  • Required Concepts
    • Interactive acts – how the interaction is managed
    • Speech acts – what is being conveyed or negotiated between participants
  • Crosscultural Differences
    • Speech acts
    • Cooperative principle
    • Politeness

Interactive Acts

  • Turn-taking: the pattern of conversation in which one person speaks, then another
    • Normally in SAE one person speaks at a time
    • End of talk is signaled by
      • Intonation, expressions like ‘you know,’ gesture, lengthening of final syllable, stressed syllable, etc.
  • Floor: the right to begin to talk
    • Has some duration
    • Is topic-related
    • Specific devices to gain or hold the floow and to control the topic
  • Backchanneling: cues that signal attention and encourage the speaker to continue
  • Simultaneous Talk: talk by more than one person over an extended period

Crosscultural Differences - Turns

  • ‘Turn’ refers to the opportunity to assume the role of speaker and what is said by the speaker
    • In some speech communities (e.g., Hindi, Japanese, Middle East, Eastern Europe) the one-speaker-at-a-time rule doesn’t apply

Crosscultural Differences – Floor

  • ‘Floor’ refers to the right to make a first statement during a conversation
    • A: Did you hear the news?
    • B: What?
    • A: Bill is back in town!
    • Who is/are controlling attention in conversation
    • Who is/are controlling the topic of conversation
    • Who is/are the central figure[s] in the conversation

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