Task novel analysis: Modernism. Lost Generation. Great Depression

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TASK 3. Novel analysis: Modernism. Lost Generation. Great Depression

    1. Read the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F.S. Fitzgerald, a representative of Lost Generation in American Literature of 20th century. Write answers to the following exercises.


  1. People in the story.

  1. Jay Gats

  2. Nick Carraway

  3. Daisy Buchanan

  4. Myrtle Wilson

  5. Tom Buchanan

1. T 16. T

2. T 17. F

3. T 18. T

4. F 19. F

5. F 20. T

6. T 21. F

7. F 22. T

8. F 23. T

9. T 24. T

10. T 25. T

11. F 26. T

12. T

13. F

14. F

15. T

  1. At Gabtsby`s Party

1. Stared 11. Educated

2. Host 12. Cares

3. Smile 13. Parties

4. Feel 14. Announced

5. Interest 15. Play

6. Manners 16. Alone

7. Butler 17. Front

8. Bowed 18. Tanned

9. Excuse 19. Short

10. Anything 20. Afraid

  1. What Happened Next.


Tom didn`t like the way Gatsby and Daisy looked at each other.


Daisy told tom that she was leaving him.


Gatsby took Daisy in Tom`s car , and the others went in Gatsby`s car.


Tom suggested they all went to New York City.


Tom stopped at Wilson`s garage to get some gas.


George Wilson shot himself.


Gatsby and Nick drove to Tom and Daisy`s house for lunch.


Later than afternoon, Tom argued with Gatsby.


Daisy and Gatsby drove back to long Island in Gatsby`s yellow car.


Near Wilson`s garage Myrtle ran into the to stop the yellow car.


Only Gatsby`s old father, Nick and the fat man with glasses went to Gatsby`s funeral.


Daisy, who was driving, killed Myrtle Wilson and didn`t stop.


Myrtle Wilson saw Tom in the yellow car with Jordan.


George Wilson went to Gatsby`s house and shot Gatsby in the swimming pool.

  1. Multiple Choise.

1. C 2. D 3.B 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. D

3.2 Reveal the main heroes of the novel “Arrowsmith” by S. Lewis. and match them with their description.



1.Madeleine Fox

A. A graduate student at Winnemac University, she attends the same college as Martin. She eventually becomes his fiancé, but is what Martin calls an "improver." She is a snobbish student of literature who tries to change people, including Martin, to fit her beliefs and her society.

2.Ira Hinkley

B. A classmate of Martin's, he is a preacher who tries to impose his religious beliefs on others. His path crosses Martin's more than once and he eventually betrays Martin. He believes he is doing "good" but is arrogant in his beliefs—most of which are narrow-minded, superior-minded, and colonial.

3.Doctor Vickerson

C. A country doctor in Elk Mills, he was Martin's first introduction to the world of medicine. He is not an all-together educated man although he is supportive of Martin. And, although he is an alcoholic, he is not altogether unlikable.

4.Max Gottlieb

D. A German Jew, he is Martin's mentor. He is a scientist rather than a physician. He is often seen as eccentric and as cold or lacking in compassion although he does have a deep belief in Martin. A patient man, he is utterly driven by a search for "truth" and is fully committed to the study of science.

5.Martin Arrowsmith

E. The novel's title character and protagonist, Martin is a curious young man whose life in the medical profession makes up the plot of the book. He is stubborn and inclined toward laboratory science, rather than the practice of being a physician. He has opposing characteristics and can be both cold and compassionate, both driven and easily swayed. Furthermore, he is a romantic at heart.

6. Leora Tozer

F. Martin's loyal wife, she is opinionated and yet completely supportive and understanding of Martin and his career. She is caring and although ambitionless herself, she is loving and a perfect fit for Martin.

3.3 Fill in the blanks and the graphic organizer with main works written by Erskine Caldwell according to their dates.

Erskine Caldwell wrote ___25__ novels, __150____ sort stories, __twelve______ nonfiction collections, __2__ autobiographies, and __2__ books for young readers. He is also known as the editor of __28- volume ___________ series of books about different regions of the USA, called_________ American Folkways series________

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