Th V class Date progress check 1

Read and answer Yes or No

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5 Read and answer Yes or No.

e.g. Lera sometimes has a cold in winter. ___No__
a) She has been to many countries in Asia and Europe. ________

b) She does amateur sport. ________

c) Dancing is a kind of sport. ________

d) All kinds of dancing are professional. ________

Reporter: Welcome to the programme Sports Life. We’re going to talk about benefi ts for girls in doing sport. Today’s guest in our studio is Lera who’s a tennis player. Hi Lera.

Lera: Hi. There are a lot of benefi ts for girls if they do sport. I started playing tennis when I was 5. Now I feel healthy. I never have a cold in winter. I’m strong. And I feel strong when I’m in diffi cult situations. I have travelled a lot.

Reporter: How interesting! What countries have you been to?

Lera: I’ve been to some countries in Asia, India and Australia. I’ve eaten some national food there. I’ve seen a lot of interesting places and animals. I’ve met a lot of friends.

Reporter: Wonderful! But you do professional sport. What about girls at school?

Lera: We all do some kind of sport. We have PI lessons at school.

Reporter: Many girls don’t like PI. What can they do?

Lera: We do sport when we move. So any kind of moving is sport. We do sport when we run, walk, swim or dance. Dancing is a very good kind of sport. There are some professional kinds of modern dancing, national dancing and you can dance at home. You don’t have any competitions but you win. You’re a winner of your life.
Total = 50 points

Number of correct answers: _________

Mark: _______ Teacher:_________________

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