A practicalities and experiences of being non-native english teachers in korea by sardor akramov. A student of

participants’ stories and explore the extent to which learning and

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A Practicalities and experiences OF being NON 2-version

participants’ stories and explore the extent to which learning and 
speaking Korean was for them connected to perceptions of value

and/or resistance to positioning within ethnically restrictive discourses 
in Korean society.
As the years-long process of learning Korean and developing social 
connections with Koreans was the focus of this research, the decision 
was made to solicit and examine the narratives (Connelly & Clandinin, 
1990; Clandinin & Connelly, 2000) of participants' learning experiences.
Narrative inquiry has been used to examine the long-term experiences 
of language learners and teachers with a view to understanding the 
construction of their identity (Park, 2006; Tsui, 2007), and the study of 
narrative has clear potential when considering self-formation (Foucault, 
1985), as it allows the researcher detailed insight into the factors
beliefs, and thought processes that underlie people's decisions and 
intentions (Bell, 2002). Thus, for this research, participants were 
requested to tell the stories of their experiences, in the hope that they 
would consciously or unconsciously reveal the beliefs they held about 
the value of the Korean language and their place within the discourses 
of ethnicity in Korean society. 
Initially, participants for this research were sought by appealing for 
contacts from personal acquaintances. Thereafter, more were found 
through 'snowball sampling' (Goodman, 1961), whereby participants 
were asked to nominate more potentially suitable participants. 
Participants were contacted via electronic message, and they were 
informed that the research concerned second-language Korean 
learners and their experiences. In total, six foreign English teachers with 
strong Korean proficiency agreed to participate. The number of 
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