Choice of methods and criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the extraction process from raw materials of plant origin

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Choice of methods and criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the extraction process from raw materials of plant origin

G.Kh.Abdullaeva 1 , V.Kh.Shamsutdinova 2

1 Urgench branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies
2 Tashkent State Technical University

The issues of experimental and theoretical study of the complex heat and mass transfer process of supercritical extraction and the development of scientific and methodological foundations of this process in order to improve the efficiency of extraction and the quality of the final product are outlined.
Key words: extraction process, product quality, solvent, carbon dioxide, extractant, vegetable and animal raw materials.


Solid -liquid" systems are widely used , on which the quality of the final product largely depends. Quality in any sphere of human activity is the most general and most important characteristic of any object of technical, socio-economic and other spheres of human activity. In modern conditions, the complexity of the problem of quality lies in its intersectoral and interregional nature of interaction, which involves dozens, and sometimes hundreds of industrial enterprises of various territorial and functional-industry affiliations. In this regard, there is a need for a systematic approach that would cover all stages of the life cycle of industrial products, from development, including design, manufacture, implementation, handling and operation.

The vast majority of traditional extraction methods are characterized by the implementation of inefficient technologies and technological equipment, expensive and complex technological methods, solvents that are harmful both to the environment and to living organisms. To solve this essential task, which is associated with providing the population with environmentally friendly and high-quality extractive substances of plant and animal origin, it is necessary to radically change the entire technological process of their production.
In this regard, there is an increasing demand for scientifically based development of new theoretical and experimentally confirmed ideas about the influence of the thermophysical properties of solvents and other factors on the efficiency of a highly efficient process of supercritical fluid extraction. The development, on the basis of scientific and methodological foundations , of energy and resource-saving and highly efficient technological processes, techniques and groundwork that would ensure a high level of integrated and waste-free consumption of extractive raw materials processing products to provide consumers with the target end product of the required quality and consistency is an important and topical issue, of great national economic importance.

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