Life in the Slums of Kampala Lesson 3: Part 2

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Life in the Slums of Kampala

  • Lesson 3:Part 2

Warm-up:The life of a member


  • Supplies needed for BeadforLife campaign

    • Markers -Fabric
    • Construction paper -table cloths
    • Poster board (several)
    • Colored printing paper (for flyers)
    • Woven baskets
    • Jewelry “trees”
  • Volunteer to bring items for the booth- must have by Wed/Thurs.

What is life like for a member?

What is life like for a member?

Mud brick and stick home in Acholi Quarter, Uganda


  • Each group must have 4-5 people

  • We will measure/mark an area of 10x10

  • You will arrange towels and lay or sit down in the house to see how you all may sit or sleep in that situation

  • Then, arrange the items you would find in the home.

  • Complete the comparison


  • Friendship Village-all in the village participate in building the home.

Friendship Village a beader tends to her garden outside her home.

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