Writing task 1: Water

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Writing task 1: Water

The pie charts give information about the quantity of seawater, fresh water, different types of the fresh water (ice, ground and surface) and the price of its delivery for per person per day

Over all, it is clear from the chart that the seawater makes up the largest fraction of the Earth’s water whilst fresh, water that consists of three various types among which ice has the highest proportion and price, is responsible for the smallest.

More specifically, salty water makes up nearly four quarters of the Earth’s water compared to a very small fraction fresh water of only 3%. Ice accounts for nearly a third of the fresh water and the ground water for exactly 30%, on the other hand the surface water is responsible for an absolutely tiny fraction of just 1%.

If we look at the price of the water delivery, we can witness that the seawater is likely to be more affordable with the charge of only 0.30$ than iceberg towing, which costs a considerable price of 0.90$ per person per day.

Developing critical thinking.

  1. Do you think that towing iceberg is a good idea? Is the high cost of transporting icebergs worth the fresh water they could provide?

In my way of thinking towing icebergs is not a good idea because it is risky and may include victims also for wealthy countries like Arabia, it is better to build desalination sources because towed water will cost twice as much as it will require a lot of afford and time

  1. Do you think finding an alternative source is the solution to the world’s fresh water shortage, or do people just need to be more careful in their use of water.

Both of the are the solution because as we cannot stop people using the water they need so just we should not leave tapes open, but if it does not work we have no way except for finding an alternative solution.
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