G20 summit, November 3-4, 2011, Cannes France

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G20 summit, November 3-4, 2011, Cannes (France.

The G20 summit in Cannes was hailed by the world community as a return to basics. The leaders had to move forward again in a situation of acute crisis . Ensuring the stability of the economy and society, resilience to adverse climate changes and the resilience of ecosystems to their effects, increasing the efficiency of resource use (in particular, energy and water), promoting clean energy, green growth and sustainable development tasks came to the fore.
At the same time, the transition to green growth is closely related to the problems of climate change, in which two directions of strategy prevail: reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change. The Cannes Plan of Action to promote growth and jobs, clean energy, green growth and sustainable development at the November 2011 G-20 leaders' summit in France to address the growing challenges of the global economy ] was accepted. The plan includes concerted efforts to address short-term vulnerabilities and strengthen medium-term foundations for economic growth. A statement on the plan says that environmental ministries are responsible for addressing the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, which are outside the purview of ministries such as the economy, industry, transport, food, population. it is emphasized that they operate in close connection with migration, public health, and foreign policy .
The aggravation of global environmental problems and the development of the "green" economy as the basis of ecologically sustainable development creates the need to change the existing activity of energy markets. Improving the proper functioning and transparency of physical and financial energy markets, reducing excessive price volatility, improving energy efficiency and increasing access to clean technologies must be sustainable and inclusive. Government reports on progress in implementing strategies to rationalize and phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, as well as energy subsidies and other measures from the IEA, OPEC, IHTT and the World Bank. Welcoming the joint report, the leaders called for rationalization and gradual implementation.
The directions of the transition to an innovative socially oriented economy and environmentally sustainable development actually coincide, so the UN General Assembly adopted at the summit to promote clean energy, green growth and sustainable development. "Stable" of the secretary energy for all " decision was of great importance. The subject of this report is the development and implementation of clean and energy-efficient (C3E) technologies, proposals for the use of these technologies, and the sharing of best practices that serve as a basis for more effective formulation of sustainable development strategies.
The need to get out of the systemic crisis - financial, economic, environmental, energy, climate change - therefore the participants of the summit are working to continue the fight against climate change. As part of the agreed outcomes of the Durban Conference Resolution, a consensus on climate change is being reached based on the recommendations of the Transitional Committee, and the participants are ready for a consensus on climate change . UN of The Green Climate Fund serves as an important framework for this. At the same time, the World Bank's report on financing activities related to climate change for developing countries proposed clear and transparent actions to mitigate the consequences of climate change and continue work in this direction based on the principles of the UNFCCC.
G20 Summit 2012 as active work on transition to "green" economy calls for assistance in the preparation and successful holding of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio de Janeiro. Rio+20 will provide the opportunity to mobilize the political will needed to put the promotion of sustainable development at the center of the international agenda and a long-term solution that will deliver economic growth, create jobs, reduce poverty and protect people. considered as Green and inclusive growth will create vast opportunities in new industries and sectors such as environmental services, renewable energy and new ways of delivering basic services to the poor."

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